Police and soldiers return fire in Louisville

Sorry if this has already been posted. Sorry but there’s no glory in firing at armed soldiers and LEOs.
More like Darwin Award nominations.


Did you read the whole article?

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Terrible. That crowd had nothing to do with the protests. They were just out having a good time, breaking curfew, and shooting at police.

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Pro Tip: When there are riots, don’t go outside and “have some drinks”.


This happened after midnight this morning. No one knows what happened yet.

But it’s shocking that people were at a restaurant enjoying themselves at 12:15 am.


All these bullets and bricks and not one fever to be seen. :man_shrugging:

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Two weeks.


A shocked witness said the group had nothing to do with the protests, adding he never “thought I would experience that here in America.”

Darwin award.

If you are out in the midst of this stuff then you are putting your well being at risk. :woman_shrugging:

Killed the restaurant owner.
" LOUISVILLE, Ky. — David McAtee, the owner of YaYa’s BBQ in western Louisville, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers early Monday morning, an incident that’s now under state and local police investigation.


Not a good time to enjoy yourself at a restaurant past curfew, eh?

10 - 14 days and they will all be on respirators.

I can pay with my Gucci purse!



What happened to stay home, stay safe? Social distancing? You don’t NEED to go out?


Absent the cops and soldiers, another man who would still be alive.

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Absent shooting at the cops and soldiers.

Absent rioters and looters the NG wouldn’t be there.


“…at a restaurant…”?

“Riley was among the hundreds who had swarmed the corner of 26th and Broadway on Monday where Louisville police and National Guard personnel were breaking up a “large crowd” that had gathered in the parking lot outside a Dino’s Food Mart, according to law enforcement officials.”

Ya know. Just sitting there minding their own business. Social distancing, as well :rofl:

A restaurant owner. They didn’t bust into the restaurant guns blazing. A group of people had gathered in the same strip mall as the restaurant and authorities came to disperse them after the 9:00 curfew. Shots were fired at police and soldiers and they returned fire.

Yes, a man who would still be alive had he not broken curfew.

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I wonder if Mr. McAtee was armed. Was he the one who allegedly shot at the police and soldiers?

If so, good kill, I guess.

Same city where police just killed the unarmed EMT in her own home.