Podesta has an opinion

What makes you say that?

He made it political the moment he open his mouth.

Again whether you agree or not he felt if he didn’t come forward about those emails on Weenies laptop, he was worried about leaks that would have shed bad light on FBI for covering it up.

So if he had said nothing about finding the emails, and you didn’t find out until after Clinton was elected, how would have you taken the news?

It wouldn’t have changed my opinion much because I already had a negative opinion and suspicion of inner workings of fedgov.

Ah. So Comey’s big mistake was trying to convince someone like you.

I agree with this statement.

What Comey did was validated my opinions with his actions.

Comey shouldn’t have cared about your opinion.

Talk about falling off the plank and missing the boat.

I’m listening to you. It’s terribly interesting.

Comey’s biggest mistake was trying to reach out to you. To explain to you why Clinton was not prosecutable.

You’re unreachable.

Who talks about that? The whole point of walking the plank is that you fall off the boat.