Please restore rule about modifying posts

because so many reply with chunks and pieces of a post intentionally leaving out portions to totally change the meaning

(just like cable “news”)

if a part of a post is used in reply then it should be indicated as it was “snipped” and only for brevity. not to feed a narrative


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Just curious… are you ok with not quoting others’ posts besides your own if they are in your post?

not sure what you’re asking but a reply should contain the whole post. if it is too large, then it can be snipped, but that has to be indicated. and only because of the post being too long

point is the context should not be affected.

I have several times flagged posts that did that to my posts, but medicswife feels only to “look into it” but she apparently decides it’s ok to do that.


There has been no rule change in modifying posts. There has never been a requiment that an entire post be quoted.

It’s a violation if:

You change the words to make it attributed to the posts you quoted (couple glitches with the board showing a completely different user said the words, but that’s a different story).

Of you clip in such a way as it completely changes the meaning of the post, or demeans the user.

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“you clip in such a way as it completely changes the meaning of the post”


“intentionally leaving out portions to totally change the meaning”

Kind of seems like that is exactly what the OP was referring to.

I think what Snow is getting at is that the board functions such that if I want to only reply to a certain part of a person’s post, I can use the quote function to do that. And doing so is not going back and editing the person’s original post which is against the rules.

We have NEVER been allowed to alter the words another person typed, but it’s never been against the rules to only respond to a portion of their post.

Realistically, if a person types a big paragraph with multiple points, people may break down that paragraph into smaller points and respond to each one. OP doesn’t want this as he feels that sometimes people use that as an opportunity to change what he meant.

I don’t think this is much of a problem. The problem is people telling others what they actually meant, and that doesn’t have anything to do with quoting, it’s just people being dishonest. It’s been going on since the old forum, but it’s not against the rules.

I think the bigger problem is posters trying to tell another poster what they “really meant” but that’s not against the rules of the forum. That’s just people being chumps and trying to bait others into personal shots.

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yes it is a problem because posters take advantage of hiding parts of a post that hurts their argument, and single out parts that feeds their point

i hope this thread is not closed. it will be a good place to post some examples.

are you afraid you’ll lose one of your main tools at false narrative creation?

The forum automatically does this, highlight text and press quote.

Press on the above and you see the full quote.

I see no issue.

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some posters actually delete parts of the post in the reply instead of using this tool

Whether you manually delete parts of a post thorugh the use of the edit window or highlight and select quote make no difference.

Here I edited the text in the reply window.

Here I highlighted text and selected quote.
Different method, same outcome. Neither is more nefarious than the other.

I’m going to show you an example of what is not allowed:

What I just did is not allowed. I directly altered your quote to change the meaning of what you said.

As opposed to this:

I didn’t change anything in your post, I simply chose the part to which I wanted to reply (just an example.

The first is against the rules, and can be flagged and reported.

The second is not. Your best option is to either call that poster out if you believe they were changing the meaning of your post, or to not engage with that person because they’re trying to bait you

then a battle of whether or not meaning was altered ensues in the thread. i dont think so

the post should not be snipped unless for brevity and then it has to be indicated with “snipped”

the poster can separately draw attention to it in their follow up if they want and are not attempting to hide parts or build their own narrative

You’re free not to participate, but posters choosing to only reply to one part of a post has NEVER been against the ToS, either at the old forum or here at this one.

If people are telling you that what you typed is not what you meant, then your options are to participate in explaining that they are wrong, or disengage and don’t take the bait. It’s bait, I’ve been baited in that manner before.

Your opinion is noted.

So again:

If they quote you, but CHANGED the quote to say something you didn’t type, then they are breaking the forum rules.

If they quote a portion of your post in its original form, that’s fine. You’re allowed to not like it, but it’s not, and never has been, against the rules.

Such is life.

I’ve been on these boards for 15 years and that has never been a requirements. Posters have always been able to target responses.

Again, never been a requirement in my time. If you want it to be a rule, you can of course petition the MODs for a change. I’m sure many posters will be happy to assist the MODs in enforcing such a new rule consistently.


This is pretty cut and dry. Don’t quote a line of a poster’s paragraph and act like there’s no context surrounding it.

If you only want to highlight one part of the post, basically asking the poster to extrapolate or make a point to that which is quoted, do so in a manner that doesn’t twist the posters words into what you want them to say. Be respectful.