Playboy model who signed hush deal with GOP fundraiser says Cohen 'recruited' to fix problem, lawsuit says

Well, that’s interesting. Every damn time I hear people preaching about family values and christian values I just immediately discount them now. Way too many have been busted.

The Soap opera continues…

Will Mueller connect playboy bunnies to the “Jesus boxing Hillary” Facebook ad that hacked dem brains and made them vote for Trump??

This is so stupid.
1.) The GOP guy not using protection
2.) She signed a Deal and got paid.
3.) She now keeps the money and breaks the deal because she is suing the person.

She took the money and the Deal.
Regardless if it was a bad deal or not.
Then she should give all the money back.

Her lawsuit claims that the guy stopped paying and that’s what broke the deal.


Not what the article says.

Agreed amount was $1.6 million and $1.2 million was owed and payments stopped.

The person who broke the deal wasn’t the model, she kept her mouth shut.


Such great taste…


Poor taste…


Man, this is like corruption rule number 1. If you agree to pay hush money, pay the ■■■■■■■ hush money.

How hard is it for these people?

Unless, of course, you’re paying hush money on behalf of someone else and that someone else doesn’t adhere to THEIR part of the agreement.


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He’s really a bad person.

I told you these guys have zero family values.

If you listened really closely (to them and their supporters) over the decades you probably already know that.

Because he had sex?

Of course not. He’s a lying, vain, mysogynistic, adultery-committing, selfish, dishonest-in-business slob of a fake Christian who is in completely over his head and who has no business in the WH.

Touche libs

Obama is gone…

Such witty repartee. Wow.

It was a setup. This women did not engage in consensual sex with a dumpy wonk without birth control unless she wanted to they get pregnant and then blackmail him.

Why do you think she didn’t use birth control?

She wanted to get pregnant. No other explanation.

  1. She was on birth control and it failed.

  2. He told her he’d had a vasectomy so there was no danger of getting pregnant.

There goes the “No other explanation.”.


So continue… why would a woman that was hot enough to be a playboy playmate have sex with Homer Simpson?