Planned Parenthood and Title X funding

Planned Parenthood has chosen abortion over STD testing and contraceptive services.

It’s not a huge piece of funding for PP. It’s not even a huge federal program (at under $300million overall), but it’s an important statement by our government that we will not be complicit in funding the abortion industry.

(Side note: This shouldn’t even be a federal program at all.)


Excellent news. None of my tax dollars for murdering children, please.


none of your Tax dollars not saving woman from breast or cervical cancer Go You!!! You are the man

It’s only a start. They still get a half billion in other funding.

But it’s a start.


Every good knockout starts with a nice combo. :wink:

Do you mean private funding, or half a billion in other public funding?


I wonder how many more women will not vote for Trump because of this?

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i am guessing by the people that have responded to this thread that the main thought is woman have no say in the mater

… or how many will vote for him because of this.

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Yup. Guessing.

And not very well.

Well that seems like sensible compromise.

Not sure. But I would guess that he already has the majority of pro-life women votes.
I think that this has the potential of hurting him more then helping.
As far as I can see, Trump hasn’t done anything significant to expand his base.
And the early polls show that he is underwater in many districts that he won.

And I would guess that he will never get the majority of pro-abortion women votes.

So he has nothing to lose on that front.

Wait, you think that the majority of pro choice women will vote for Trump? Am I misreading that?

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What has Trump done that restricts their choice?

I meant to say he has lost them.

I’ll edit.

How did Trump restrict their options?

They’re still allowed to have abortions…they just need you all to donate and make up for 286 million dollars.

How hard could it be?

Many liberal states are already picking up the slack. Can’t have the undesirables breeding ya know?

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Yet somehow their whole enterprise will collapse without this funding.