PLAN B: Trump Says US ‘May Go That Route’ and Declare Border a ‘National Emergency’

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President Trump confirmed Wednesday that his administration may declare a “national emergency” to secure federal funding for border security; adding he hopes to strike a deal with Congressional leaders in the coming days.

The President was speaking with reporters following a signing ceremony at the White House when he was asked if he was still considering the alternative path should lawmakers fail to strike a deal.

Trump on the national emergency option: "I may go that route" to build a border wall

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) January 9, 2019

“I think we might work-out a deal, and if we don’t, I may go that route. I have the absolute right to declare a national emergency if I want. My threshold would be if I can’t make a deal with people that are unreasonable,” said the Commander-in-Chief.


McConnell will just love that.

The DEMs in the House would have their side of a Joint Resolution passed in a hot minute and sent to the Senate where McConnell would have to take action.

He doesn’t want the Senate voting on it and putting Senators on a recorded vote with the 2020 elections coming up.

Yes President Dennison, please declare an emergency.
(Let alone Trump having to fight it in court, where he will probably lose again.)


It’s amazing how McConnell’s job has become: don’t let the public know how the republicans vote."