PLAN B: Schumer Introduces Legislation to ‘Make Sure We Never Have Another Shutdown’ | Sean Hannity

Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced legislation over the weekend that would effectively ban potential government shutdowns in the near future; saying a Democrat proposal would “make sure we never have another shutdown again.”

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Trump keeps allowing Pelosi, Schumer and the Dims to label this as his “vanity project”. Trump needs to continually question why they don’t care about the American citizens. To continue pushing drugs, crime, MS-13, and dumping out numbers (like the number of overdoses, pounds of drugs, number of crimes committed) doesn’t help get the message out. It ends up lost in the mass of numbers. Once he starts spewing numbers, people tend to turn the message off. He should just focus on questioning why the Dims don’t care about Americans. What ever question the press asks, he should just continually ask, “Why don’t they care about their own citizens?”

The worst thing Trump could have done was give in. Now they will do everything to pass this before the 3 week deadline because they have no intention of negotiating with him. He should have stood firm on the shutdown, and on the SOTU. Overconfidence and underestimating the enemy will be his downfall. They may appear stupid, but dems having been in control this long by being stupid.

Doesn’t that take away any type of bargaining power to effectively prevent a the Republicans from providing opposition to an act or bill they strongly disagree on? That makes them Supreme authority over any issue they choose, THAT’S BAD KARMA

Jesse, POTUS didn’t “give in” he repositioned himself. Do you understand 3D chess? If not, just keep watching the show. The Dems are falling into a trap to further destroy their party.

leave it to Shumer to try and take away another way the President has to use. I hope karma comes around. Stop the hate and work for a better America.