PLAN B: Dems Introduce Bill to BAN Trump from Using ‘Taxpayer Money’ for Border Wall | Sean Hannity

Congressional Democrats in the House of Representatives moved this week to block President Trump from using “taxpayer money” for his proposed border wall; effectively preventing the Commander-in-Chief from declaring a “national emergency” to begin construction.

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It never ceases to dismay me how our Democrat misinformation party can wield absolute hate for an imperfect man, who is doing the best he can, and better than numerous others, to guide this nation.

Give it away, give it away, give it away, yeah! The Democratic theme song. Or - Fake to the Bone - your choice.

Alas - do they really think Pres Trump will sign this idiotic bill?

And yet the Dim have no problem funding ILLEGAL immigrant handouts WITH TAXPAYER MONEY.

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Maybe some Republicans should introduce a similar bill to prevent the Dems from funding illegal immigrants with OUR taxpayer money, and also include that we, the taxpayers, will no longer support Pelosi’s expensive personal travel with family and/or friends on very costly luxury military jets with attendants to prepare meals and provide expensive liquor all with taxpayer dollars! What a hypocritical bitch she is!

They never mind spending our money for anything to benefit themselves! They only don’t want to spend it on anything to benefit the American people or “heaven forbid” the Republicans! They WANT to keep the country divided! And WE cannot let them!