Pittsburgh shooter blamed Jews for "migrant caravan"

The Anti-Defamation league is calling today’s tragedy the worst attack on Jewish people in America ever.

The shooter ….shortly before he began his assault tweeted…among other things:

> HIAS likes to bring in invaders that kill our people," referring to a Jewish refugee advocacy group that held a National Refugee Shabbat last weekend.

first you had a trump supporter sending bombs to specific people attacked by trump and the right… You have trump publicly blaming George Soros for financing “the caravan” …even leading a chant of lock him up just days after a bomb was sent to Soros house…

now you have another terrorist kill Jewish people in a synagogue because he believes Jews are allowing intruders in through some caravan that his the primary talking point of trump and the right…

America has a domestic terrorism problem that is being influenced and promoted by trump and the right…

certainly an opportunity here to make a distinction between people of decency and those without it.

Trump never blamed Jews, like his son in law, for anything.
But it didn’t take long to see some using this for their own political purposes. Expected, of course.


How about you try again and this time actual ly read what the OP said and then answer it…because this missed the barn by about 4 miles


it’s kinda weird though how all the nationalists are out after trump said he’s a nationalist.

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I answered it…properly.

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this is pretty easy to follow…

no trump isn’t blaming jews….but he and right wing communicators have propped up this migrant caravan funded by Soros as a source of danger to America. So that small mined under-socialized, low information voters will hopefully support the right out of a fabricated fear.

then you have this guy …who has no problem blaming Jews for everything, takes the fact that Trump has claimed a specific Jew George Soros is funding this intrusion into the country… So he “goes in” as he ended his last social media post…


got to appeal to his base

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Those not part of the cult understand.

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No you ddn’t.

Not even close.

You have to want to overcome your blindness.

It isn’t going to just happen…you have to work at it.

He’s even worse in that he thinks Trump himself is under the influence of Jews.

Trump isn’t extreme enough for him.

The dog whistle reached the ■■■■■■■ dogs. End of story.


Trump praises people for violently attacking his enemies.

Trump champion this Cavern is funded by Soros who is the evil jew nightmare fuel of White Nationalists.

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right…there is a segment of your more Nazi white-supremist types who are with trump up to a point, he’s not anti-jewish, whereas they are …and it’s their primary “beef” so to speak.

I’ve seen interviews with leaders of these types of groups where they have said this specifically… trump inspires them, but he doesn’t go far enough in their view

Yep. Here he was today:

"This wicked act of mass murder is pure evil,” Trump said. “This was an anti-Semitic act. You wouldn’t think this would be possible in this day and age.”

He added: “Our minds cannot comprehend the cruel hate and twisted malice that could cause a person to unleash such terrible violence, during a baby naming ceremony at a sacred house of worship on the holy day of Sabbath.”"

He won’t even take a stand now.

You want to know who is to blame for this? Right Wing Media with their claim that Soros was funding an illegal invasion of America, a claim the President never disputed.

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Our minds can comprehend it.

And until Trump disavows his brand of politics, this is an empty statement.

That you can’t see that is part of the problem.

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Just google illegal invasion soros and you will see who is to blame and its pretty big famous names.

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I agree wholeheartedly!

Those caravans have been coming here for over a decade. It’s only now that Trump and his disgusting, piece of crap supporters, defenders and followers are using them for their political purposes that people are being killed over one.

But you go ahead and flip that script the way Trump and the republicans have taught you.