Pimp Wins Republican Primary in Nevada

No, see Middle America (sic) is unhappy and frustrated because liberals, liberalism, Democrats, RINOs, etc., so when Middle America (sic) nominates pimps, kid-diddlers, and white supremacists–well, it’s liberals who need to look in the mirror because liberals failed to reach out to them and caused it to happen. Hope that clears things up.

Now, I am off to read yet another New York Times article where a reporter goes to West Virginia or South Carolina, and writes a long thought-piece about why the economically anxious, culturally-disenfranchised citizens there love Donald Trump, no matter what.


Look at how much airtime was/is given to Stormy Daniels. Look at what’s being put in everyone’s face, night after night after night. Those who rail against sexually harassing women, turn out to be some of the worst offenders. This didn’t just begin either. Both sides are guilty as hell as lowering their morals. I think this world is being turned upside down right now with respect to “morals”.

That is not an answer to the question. Here, I’ll try again…

I agree to an extent. But you’re ignoring the starting point here. It’s one thing to say that Democrats are lowering their morals, it wasn’t a high bar to start with. But when you say Conservatives are lowering their standards, it’s a much more significant thing given that the moral bar was much higher.

trump appears to have led the way for the pimp to run.

It wasn’t really any higher. That is just what they pretend to be.

If I were attempting to encompass what’s going on, I’d say that many are beginning to conclude that in dealing with the political feces of our time, we have to elect a turd.

…and on that day, many will say, Lord, Lord…did I not cast out demons in your name? And I will say, depart from me for I never knew you.

Trump pulled a John Edwards and people are wondering why the Republicans are not up in arms… also he lied multiple times about it… THAT IS WHY the media paid so much attention to it

Yeah…that explains everything.

Then honestly, that says a lot about the state of the GOP. They are willing to nominate/elect individuals who are directly opposed to their, supposed, moral beliefs. You can break away from the status quo without sacrificing your belief system.

what part of him cheating on his wife, then paying hush money, then lying about it, then getting caught in a lie and his lawyer’s office getting raided dont you understand?

I wonder how many abortions this pimp paid for.

I think there’s a movement with in the GOP to oust the GOP establishment that’s perceived as corrupt, do nothing, say what you want to hear and then do what those who have donated the most say, type incumbents, that have kicked the illegal immigration can down the road long enough. That’s the straw that’s breaking their moral back. They’ve had their belly full and it’s happening on a global basis.

Those are platitudes. You aren’t saying anything.

You probably do and that’s great. I’m sure it’ll keep your mind busy all day.

…or you aren’t listening…as usual?

The take away for this might be - that people are so upset with the status quo of their the politicians, that even a pimp is now preferable.

Naw, just a few seconds. I don’t personally care how many he paid for. I just find it amusing that R’s likely voted for a “baby killer”.

Nah… It’s what you always do when you’re avoiding discussing an issue.