Pimp Wins Republican Primary in Nevada

Alrighty then…let me avoid it again for a few hours while I go stimulate the American economy. Have a super, duper, double Trump scooper day. :sunglasses:

Certainly. Inheriting a business is a good thing.

Yeah I get that. And actually applaud a move by any party to purge the corrupt establishment. But in doing that, you still don’t have to sacrifice your belief system to get there.

Glad the GOP is finally embracing the pimps and racists and truly showing its amoral side. After decades of implying they were above the fray I’m glad they’ve finally admitted they are the fray. The Party of Trump is truly gelling and coming to fruition.

We don’t hear about family values anymore.

If that’s the case, someone may need to clue Trump in to this. He’s got a ton of “establishment” people working in his administration. Pompeo … Pence … Sessions … Rosenstein …etc., etc., etc.

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The anti-establishment meme is really just a dodge. What they really mean is anti-Trump. As long as a GOP member prays at the Altar of Trump they will be treated with favored politician status. But if they choose to dissent or think for themselves they will be destroyed.

And I find it hysterical that Smyrna is cool with the strategy of taking out “establishment” pols by nominating a pimp. Lol.


If we ever meet personally, I hope that all those around me at the time and from my past will be my witnesses for me regarding my belief system based on my actions.

I wish. That would have been a lot easier but…my father was a great teacher, who prepared me for the business battles I’ve been through and yet to come my way.

It’s Nevada.


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Hahahaha perfect.

Uh, you live in Texas.

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You have to speak trumpese when you converse with these folks. They have forgotten English and adopted this new language. A language of deception and misdirection.

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What he is doing is legal so I don’t really have an issue with his profession.

However I do have an issue with Republicans and Conservatives supporting him. For decades Republicans an Conservatives have talked about how they are for traditional family values. They criticize the amount of sex that permeates our society and then turn around and give this man a pass.

It is the sheer hypocrisy that baffles me and don’t give me any crap about how this is the fault of the swamp forcing voters fo this choice. People made this choice willingly.

Trump is redefining the Republican Party and while I cannot say I like what they are morphing into I give him credit for being able to do that.

Just another sign of the moral decay gnawing at the heart of the country.

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what a sad state of affairs for so called “evangelicals “


Interesting. Would you mind sharing why you abhor Maxine Waters? I really don’t know much about her, but that seems pretty strong.

Here is a picture of James Oscarson. He’s a director of community relations at a local hospital. He is also a nurse and has owned a small business. He serves on several boards and was recently elected to serve as chairman on the Legislative Committee on Prison Industries.


That is who your party of “morals” and “personal responsibility” elected a well known pimp over.

But your reflexive attack on the black woman that had absolutely nothing to do with this race whatsoever is duly noted.