"Phony Kamala" will be running things if Biden wins according to new Trump ad

“Kamala Harris ran for president by rushing to the radical left, embracing Bernie’s plan for socialized medicine, calling for trillions in new taxes, attacking Joe Biden for racist policies,” the Trump campaign said in a video tweeted by President Trump. “They smartly spotted a phony — but not Joe Biden. He’s not that smart,” the ad continues, before adding Biden “is handing over the reins to Kamala” if the two win in November.

Biden sent out an email which implies that Harris will be one who will “lead this nation” if they win:

Is the Trump ad right that Biden is just a placeholder?

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Biden called himself a “transition candidate” back in May:

Is Harris the “player to be named later” as they say in football trades?

It is easy to surmise Harris had to use Biden for his appeal that she lacked in the primary.

Two percent Kamala?

I want to see her chase Joe out of the basement and lock arms to keep him upright on stage.

They deserve each other.

So the campaign thought process is that a person currently voting for Biden will change their vote to Trump, because they’d rather have Trump “running things” than Harris? Hope they have something better in the works.


A reasonable question is whether Biden will withdraw before the convention and let Harris be the top of the ticket.

According to Rasmussen, most voters think it is unlikely that Biden would serve a full term:

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Biden has been sold as a “moderate”, but the Sanders wing seems to be writing the platform.

Pointing out that Harris has some extreme positions is certainly fair game.

No, there’s no rational interpretation in which that claim is correct. Misleading and deceiving claims are a hallmark of Trump and his administration, so at least it’s consistent with their history.

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Sure. Your beloved Rasmussen disagrees. That is when they’re not asking obviously loaded questions such as if Biden has dementia.


I believe that is what is called a ‘push poll’.

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Actually the Democrat denial of Biden’s obvious limitations reminds me of an old Monty Python skit:

I doubt that the intent was to say that Harris would be the one who would lead, but sometimes the truth accidentally slips out.

What do you base that on?

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I have noticed that so far all of the Trump ads are attack ads. I have not seen one ad that highlights his record.


Human psychology. Slips of the tongue and unusual word choices are frequently a subconscious way of telling the real truth.

If Biden withdraws, what will the response of Democrats be?

Will they feel betrayal? Or relief?

Wait, what?

“Fine people on both sides”

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Judging by the amount of frothing from Trump supporters, I’d say that Joe made the right choice.