Perverted school was sued for transitioning young girl behind mothers back

And this is California no less.

She was 11 years old and perverts at the school tried to corrupt that young girl into thinking she was a boy.

Let the lawsuits begin…and sue their ■■■■■■■ asses off.


Stealing it.

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When you find one cockroach, there’s already a large infestation. :man_shrugging:


$100,000.00 isn’t jack squat for what they did. People should be in jail.


No but if every parent that they pushed that idea on…sue those perverts.

It’s more than likely insurance or taxpayer money and didn’t actually cost the perp. They should be indicted and prosecuted. My question is, why weren’t they? Why are they exempt?


It’s like if your child’s school teacher were Norman Bates.


Don’t do anything than. Don’t sue, don’t complain.

If it was my child, I’m not sure what I’d do but…it wouldn’t be nothing and it wouldn’t be civil. In my world, that school/teacher crossed a serious line.

Thing is…if you take matter into your own hands you will end up in jail…then perverts would have full excess to your kids.

Libs know that…and thous uses it as weapon against your faith, culture etc.

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Every time they call your boy a she or girl he…sue em over emotional stress and harm they done to your child.

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Good approach.


The problem is its California. I would not raise my kids in that state for one thing. They are off the wall nuts.

I wonder if this child ever talked to her mom about these feelings? And so you all know, I think in most situations it’s appropriate to involve the guardian in these kinds of conversations. Whether it’s a meeting with a school social worker/outside counselor or something else. There are times when parents shouldn’t be involved, if there is any concern for the child’s physical safety.

Parents should be the primary decision makers of their children. Kids do not possess thw capability to make life changing decisions at that age.


Sometimes parents suck. That isn’t the fault of the child.

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Who is to say? Kids shouldnt be treated as if they can make life changing decisions. They are still kids full of emotions.

I agree.

My kids are just fine. I went to k-12 here as well.

California has a lots of schools and school districts. My kids have been in 3 different districts and as many schools… never once had an issue with this type of stuff

$100k? You gotta be ■■■■■■■ kidding me!
That child will require psychological therapy for the remainder of her life likely. $100 grand might cover what, 2-3 years? How much were lawyers fees? Lawyer gets 30-40% off the top of the settlement. Bull ■■■■