People are beginning to catch on. Dems doomed

you think so? Hmmm, I hope the news media makes those same voters think the dems are likely to win back the US House and Senate.

So that’s how you envision it works, if the democrat voters are riding high on on the thought of an impending election victory for their Party’s candidates, they become unmotivated and don’t vote?

Your last sentence says it all. They’ve come out of the closet, proud of their lunatic programs and socialism. The Millennial don’t want to play by Schumer and Pelosi rules, where you pretend to be a moderate to be elected, then vote radical.

They are proud of their radical extremist views, and want them in everyone’s face. " I Dare anyone not to vote for me!"

They really think that makes them “honest”. Better than all the politicians before them.

But like you say, that deranged lunacy will be rejected by most. I sense a RED Tsunami, not just a red tide…this midterm.

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Not just Democrats. Voter turnout overall is usually lower when the outcome seems like a foregone conclusion.

Monstrous! UPVOTE to Mx. Christian!

Grandmother never was a foregone conclusion to the other half of the country that voted for Trump. The “foregone conclusion” thing always was for libs, #nevers, and RINOS.

You say it like it is fact. Was not.

You are right in that a forum is no place to judge the mood of a nation, so how can you make said judgement based on a single person? LOL.

Dem’s have nobody to rally around, Maxine Waters and the crazies in the Dem party are the only ones getting any air time.

This is one of those fun “This is reality because that’s the way I want reality to be” threads. No proof, no stats, just stream of conscious.