People are beginning to catch on. Dems doomed

Going to forums…any forums is not a good place to judge the macro-mood of the nation. Trolls and conscientious folks alike are invested in one notion or the other.

Tis the middle of the country that makes kings in America…not the foot soliders. Gotta remember that. And mid-America, slow as a WWI battleship to turn… is taking that long turn right. Never would have predicted it.

I’m inspired to write this bekez of a friend of mine that I see infrequently. He was an Obama man for the 8 long years of terror. My best arguments couldn’t win him over.

He stopped by awhile ago and volunteered that he is now an avowed Trump man and proclaimed me rat on rat on after all.

I nearly fell off the coke crate I was sitting on out in the yard. I was stunned.

My friend, R, only gets one channel on his TV… PBS. And he told he that he had had a bellyful. Completely fed up. He finally figured out, quite on his own, that he was being fed lies. He’s not stupid…just info challenged, you understand.

R was one of my lib bellweathers. I used him el mucho in my calculations for the last few years. Well, he’s ruint for further study. He’s a Trump man now. Same as me.

My last calculation using R as reference is that America is slowly turning redder. The silent ones…the ones who don’t march and foruminze, etc… They are making the turn.

The worst mistake the radical wacko left EVER made was getting smug and arrogant under Obama’s baleful gaze and coming out of the closet. The light really does disinfect. And no Grandmother to protect either.

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Yeah. Forget polls. Your made up story is the best analysis of what’s going on in America.

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You don’t know how many of his ilk are walking around you trying not to step on.
And about pols…they are in existence to mold public opinion not to inform you of anything.
Remember. Clinton was a winner by what, 94 % chance at one time just before the election…

And that molded public opinion how, exactly? She lost, you know.

Exactly. They believed polls and stayed home.

Even though I ended up voting for her (because even a corrupt as hell Hillary would have been far better than what we have now), I’ll never forgive Hillary for being so bad that she lost and made Donald Trump President. Screw her.

So polls that said Hillary was likely to win were devised to mold public opinion by people who actually wanted Trump to win, and they put out polls saying Hillary would win to suppress the Democratic vote. That’s your theory?

Just curious. Why did you say “made up story”? I didn’t indicate anywhere that I’m a fiction writer. It actually happened as set down not more than two hours ago at this writing.

Would have been far better…???
Delusion is sometimes temporary, I hope that’s the case here.

As far as catching on, it was kind of pathetic to have nation wide demonstrations to end a policy that had already ended. Did they not think anyone would notice that?


She wouldn’t be purposely tanking our economy, alienating our allies, kowtowing to our enemies, and proving an embarrassment daily on twitter. Hell, the lack of twitter posts alone would make her infinitely better than Trump.

My State Arizona is turning purple. Democratic Congresswoman Sinema is leading in the polls here for Republican Flake’s Senate seat. I am planning on voting for her in November. If Sinema wins in November, Arizona will have the first Democratic Senator in over 24 years.

pollsters who wanted her to win so much they could taste it and it prevented them from giving a true picture of the pulse of the country…they greased the turf and gave the dummies these beautiful numbers to go to sleep with.
So…the ones on the Left that resemble the Gruber’s kind of voters sat home happy saying…she’s in I can stay home and relax.
[You know Mr. Gruber I am talking about?
The one who described voters during the time O Care debacle was being concocted].


So much for your priorities in life.
No surprise why you’s on the Left.
And “tanking our economy…” ???
Come down to Earth my friend and smell the money.

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Influx of illegals is the culprit.
It poisons gradually the sanest of the minds.

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What does MrOT mean with the above?

Conservatives have warned middle America for years and years about the left. We KNEW what the left was all about…what they wanted…their goals. and how damaging they would be if they had the chance.

Even after the Obama disaster got revved up middle America only listened enough to barely manage to put Trump into office. Many would not or could not comprehend their peril. The true craven depravity of the left.

Well, guess what? Thanks to good old incurable TDS (Trump Deragemenent Syndrome) among the lefters… THEY are educating mid-America about what their true aims are…and depravities.

And guess what else? Unless they can miracle something up real quick they are doomed… They are managing to kill off their own rotten socialist party better and more quickly than conservatives ever could or ever did.

So, libians… tell us MORE! #Resist more. Do it! More! Crazier.

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Im kinda with you and kinda not. These are big machines and there are a lot of puppeteers behind the puppets

I agree that polling that said Hillary was very likely to win suppressed the Democratic vote, but you haven’t provided any evidence that polls are designed to mold public opinion rather than reflect it as you stated. The polls were accurate, even though Hillary lost.

Those parading are all the moochers.
If they earned their living they’d be home resting and getting ready for another day at hard work.
And professional protesters…like those with…[forgive me]… vagina hats.

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Except that it took a few more people, just like R., who voted for Trump, not Hilary.

People see the economy turning around, they see increases in their paycheck stubs, unemployment markers are at all time lows, we may have peace with North Korea, and business owner optimisms and the average person are all more confident and optimistic for a bright future than they ever were under the eight years of Obama.

Under the gloomy years of Obama ISIS was always on people’s minds, unemployment and Food Stamps were rising so much so, that Democrats tried to tell us unemployment compensation and Food Stamps were actually economic drivers. Under Trump, ISIS has faded away and disappeared from the headlines and unemployment is at historic lows across the entire spectrum.

People view Trump’s faults as personal, he’s a a loud mouth on twitter, and he’s not afraid to tell people what he thinks of them or their policies. The voters are starting to feel okay with that, as long as they feel the country is safe and prosperous, and their futures look bright.

It’s the Democrats on the left and in the news media, who lurch from one faux crisis or outrage to the next, and they think any of it matters to the rest of the country.