Pelosi Too Busy to Hear About U.S. Military Base Under Attack

It’s reminiscent of *bama being too busy to send help when our people were under attack in Libya.

Is this “nancy’s benghazi??”

Please be consistent.

Even Breitbart had to acknowledge the truth of how it went down.

In your very link, it shows that all she was told was that VP Pence was on the phone…there was no reason given as to why he was calling.

Two minutes later, she found out about the attack, and immediately stopped what she was doing and called the VP back.

So…this SHOULD end the thread right here.

Alas, I’ve been here long enough to know that it won’t.


It says she was handed a note that Pence “was on the phone” while she was in a meeting and about to open a session of Congress.

When she was informed about the nature of the call she went and spoke with Pence immediately after opening the session…

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Then reportedly went to a fancy dinner afterwards.

pelosi’s benghazi sounds very self-involved.

I’m sure pence just calls her all the time though. pence blowing up her phone all day and night.

He’s just the VP. Days after a foreign country threatened our country. What could be so important??

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She ate dinner?

Oh my!

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You really seem rational on this one, she immediately returned a call 4 minutes after her official duty, and then… SHE ATE DINNER!



@ohknow35 do you think you perhaps need to comment on the additional information that has been provided in this thread? How long should she have waited before she ate her dinner?

Wouldn’t want to miss the fancy dinner party. There were probably donors there.

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Oh, it was “fancy’, like even plates and napkins? Wow

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I read it before I posted.

Still doesn’t change that the #2 is on the line days after our country was threatened and she decided not to take the call.

Good thing they sent a second note, or else it might have actually embarrassed a few of you.

And then the fancy dinner party.

This is the second in line people.

Great optics.


Maybe even forks and knives since *bama wasn’t there.

#2 describes Pence very well.

She called him immediately after her required duty to open congress. You need to take a deep breath.

From what has been posted on this thread she spoke to Pence within five minutes of the initial call. I am completely underwhelmed by your criticism of Pelosi. Especially in the context of your impeached president Trump’s lack of offering assistance to Australia during our bushfire crises until about 24 hours ago.

She called him back like 30 second laer.

Oh I did not want to go there, forks and knives upset Trump and his nightly buckets of KFC.

She didn’t know or care what he was calling about, and had to be sent a second note to get her butt in action.

Very benghazi-esque.

One can tell you often speak at meetings.

Why was Pence ringing Pelosi? Is the impeached president Trump too scared to ring Pelosi directly?

She was busy, once she learned why he was calling she called him back in less then 5 mins.