PELOSI: Shutdown Vacation OK Because ‘Hawaii is a Part of the United States’ | Sean Hannity

California congresswoman and likely Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi defended her tropical vacation during the government shutdown this week; saying her Christmas trip was appropriate because Hawaii is technically a part of the United States.

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Was she always an air head or did this happen as she got older and the alcahol pickled her brain? It doesn’t matter if Hawaii is a state or not… you went on a tropical vacation ,when you should have been working for the people of America. I think the entire Democratic party is worthless.


Agree with you completely!!! Too many politicians in BOTH parties have proven time & time again how corrupt they ALL are & how much they really care for America & Her people.

They, especially pelosi & schummer, have definitely proven with their refusal for the border wall that they & the rest of the demon-rats DON’T care one iota about ANY American! Maybe it’s time We The People should investigate each & every one of them?

We should do as Our Founding Fathers did & always protect America!!!

In America ALL American’s should come First, NOT as the demon-rats want Illegals! keep them outta America!!!

The scary thing is that Pelosi is now 2 deaths away from instantly becoming President. Thank God that we have the Secret Service protecting President Trump and Vice-President Pence; but…you know how those DemonCrats think