PELOSI RESPONDS: Nancy Pelosi Responds to President Trump’s Immigration Compromise | Sean Hannity

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi responded to President Trump’s border security compromise Saturday evening; saying the Commander-in-Chief has “no sympathy” for those impacted by the partial government shutdown.

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What the President didn’t do was role over, show his belly and say " Yes Nancy, whatever you want Nancy. ". The Democrats are the ones refusing any compromise. It is their way or the highway and that is it.

Chuck and Nancy don’t want to compromise because they couldn’t stand in front of the mics and blame Trump for it. They will not let anything stand between them and a camera. They got exactly what they wanted within a few weeks of Nancy taking over the house. This was planned, hell they already had all of their trips lined up.

Cut the government in half. Privatize the TSA and let the airlines/airports fund security. End the SES (Senior Executive Service) and make employment in the government “merit based” where slackers can be fired for not doing their job.

You now have a witch and a warlock using their crafts of manipulation and control to try and deceive the people. All these two need to do is grow horns, which I Pray would happen.

Expulsion from the United States Congress, I think its time too add some democraps names on this list! Starting with crying chuck Pelosi, most of them. GET THEM OUT NOW.

President Trump needs to realize he can’t negotiate with people that aren’t willing to negotiate. He needs to bypass them and just do what he legally can to get a wall built. They refuse totally to give him any concessions for what ever reason. They can’t allow him to claim any sort of a victory for the American people. That should tell everything that’s needed to know.

Theres only 1 reason, they don’t like him. He is exposing them for what they really are.

Tucson Sector Border Patrol camera operators captured video of a bus dropping off a group of migrants at an unsecured portion of the border in southwest Arizona last week. The migrants quickly exit the bus and cross where no barrier exists to stop them.

Trump should NOT accept anything that does not include a wall.

I live in Texas. This morning on the local news they broadcast that 130 illegal immigrants were caught trying to cross into our country in Mission, Texas which has no border wall. They also announced that last week border patrol agents seized 750 pounds of cocaine, guns, cameras, radio scanners, 4 wheel vehicles, etc. from some illegals trying to come into the country. BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!

Chuck and Nancy are only willing to build walls around their own personal properties in order to keep out the riff raff and undesirables. That means you and me. They are perfectly willing to do nothing about the border jumpers that have been harassing and stealing from border property owners over the years and then continue on into the rest of the country. We need to email the President at and let him know that we have had enough.

President Trump is a better man than me. He can clearly see that Chuck and Nancy are leading a conspiracy to overthrow the government. Yet, the President has (A) Not declared Martial Law, (B) Not mobilized the U.S. Military and National Guard, © Not disenfranchised and exposed the Democrat Party for what it is - a socialist/communist front; i.e. an enemy of our country, (D) Not arrested its leaders and their co-conspirators in the press and shipped them to Guantanamo Bay. Like the Democrat Party, the national press has sold out and morphed into the propgranda-wing of Socialism and Communism. The national press has blatantly shredded the rights afforded it in the U.S. Constitution, and thus, is not entitled to its protection. I and the majority of the American people stand with the President, and any attempt to impeach him will result in a declaration of Martial Law, not by the President, but by the people.