PELOSI: ‘I’ll be the Person with the Gavel’ After Midterms

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doubled-down on the mainstream media’s so-called “blue wave” over the weekend; predicting she’ll “be the person with the gavel” after the midterm elections.

Pelosi was speaking at an event in Texas when she was asked to comment on her party’s prospects this November.

“If the Democrats take the House are you going to be the person with the gavel in your hand, and are you going to be the person that calls up Donald Trump to try to work with him?” asked Alex Wagner.

“Yes, I anticipate that I’ll be the person with the gavel in hand, but I haven’t asked anybody for a vote, in fact, I’ve told the candidates, ‘Do whatever you have to do, just win baby,’” said Pelosi. “But I do think that I’m in very good shape with my caucus.”

h/t American Mirror

Hopefully Dorothy will drop the midterms on this Wicked Witch of the West’s hopes.

If that happens it will be another sad day for America. It seems the Republican Party is getting used to sad days? Grow a set​:tennis::tennis:

She’s a icon of the left…they all love her.

She had represent her party well over the years.