Pelican Island bridge closed by barge strike

A barge strike collapsed the Pelican Island railroad bridge and compromised the traffic bridge sufficiently to force it to be closed to traffic. It also knocked out a power line running parallel to the bridge. Additionally there is a visible oil leak from the barge.

The railroad has been abandoned since the 1980’s so they probably won’t do anything other than remove the rubble of the collapsed portion and stabilize the remainder as to prevent further collapse.

As for the road, will have to wait on a structural report.

I hope the kids at Texas A&M Galveston can swim, otherwise they are spending their summer on campus.

About a total population of 9,000 on the Island who aren’t going anywhere for a while.

Good thing the railroad bridge was there, it almost certainly saved the road bridge from collapse.

Eric Adams has entered the chat.

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I thought this was a labor issue at first.

This was obviously some sort of test by nefarious indivdiuals to gauge the US response to something or other.

No its actually a false flag operation to allow Biden to declare martial law and suspend the constitution. The UN will then be invited in to keep the peace and the Chinese will occupy California and the west coast to bring aid to the suffering population :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


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At last I get that meme. My life is complete