PEACE IN KOREA: Satellite Images Show KIM ‘DISMANTLING’ Nuclear Launch Site

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Recently released satellite images over North Korea reveal Kim Jong Un has begun the process of dismantling his nuclear weapons facilities; apparently disassembling a key launch site used for intercontinental missile tests.

According to USA Today, the communist regime has commenced “dismantling key facilities at an important rocket launching site on the northwest coast of the country.”

“The July 20 images showed work at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station to dismantle a building used to assemble space-launch vehicles and a nearby rocket engine test stand used to develop liquid-fuel engines for ballistic missiles and space-launch vehicles,” writes USA Today.

The satellite images appear to show Kim’s regime is prepared to cooperate with the Trump administration in their goal of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula; a key agreement in easing severe sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom.

Just weeks ago, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to the region to help advance the process; saying the White House would accept nothing less than “total” denuclearization.

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