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President Trump confirmed Thursday that Kim Jong Un’s delegation will travel from New York City to the nation’s capital this week; clearing the last major hurdle ahead of Trump’s historic meeting with the North Korean leader.

The Commander-in-Chief was speaking with journalists at Andrews Air Force Base when he was asked to comment on the progress of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s high-level meeting with Kim’s delegation in New York; adding the negotiations were going “very well.”

Trump went on to say the North Koreans will travel to Washington, DC as early as Friday morning to deliver a “personal letter” from Kim Jong Un to the president.

The letter and a possible meeting between the President and Kim’s delegation suggests his historic meeting scheduled for June 12th in Singapore may be proceeding as planned; setting the stage for the first meeting between an American President and North Korea’s leader in history.

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Trump gave Kim Jung Un a huge present by agreeing to meet with him in person. What did the self-proclaimed negotiating genius get in return for this dramatic concession to North Korea, to the Supreme Leader?

The return of three are Korean-American men who were held in North Korea’s prison?

And Trump did not have to send Kim a plane loaded with pallets with tens of millions of dollars worth of Swiss Francs, or trade each Korean-American for five Taliban terrorists either.

It was a win for Trump. Kim got nothing in return for returning those three Americans.

Sounds like you’re afraid trump just might pull it off.

While your President is playing tea- time with Kim, remember that he tore up an actual substantive deal with Iran for no reason. He took something pulled off and put it back on.

For no reason…

Maybe it was just a bad deal.

I cannot wait to see the godly deal you expect to get from North Korea. We can compare it bullet point by bullet point.

Anything would be better than what there is now. And it didn’t really cost us anything unlike the Iran “deal” you’re so proud of.

Ok. Let’s revisit this when there’s ink on paper.

Here’s a bit of pre-game comparing 2012 with this week though:

Who is this Kim Yong Chol anyway?

Controversial figure

Kim Yong Chol, North Korea’s former intelligence chief, is the highest-ranking North Korean official to visit the US since 2000, when Kim Jong Il, the country’s leader at the time, sent Vice Marshal Jo Myong Rok to Washington.

This is also Kim Yong Chol’s first visit to the US. Because he has twice been sanctioned by the Treasury Department, he was given a sanctions waiver to make this trip, The Guardian reported.

The 72-year-old is a controversial figure among South Koreans. The Guardian reported that he is believed to be behind the sinking of a South Korean navy ship in 2010 that left 46 sailors dead; Pyongyang has denied involvement in the incident.

He is also thought to be behind the 2014 hack of Sony Pictures in response to the James Franco and Seth Rogen movie “The Interview,” which insulted Kim Jong Un.

He introduced himself to a crowd at a South Korean concert in 2018 by saying, “Hi, I’m the man you blame for sinking the Cheonan,” according to the Korea-analysis website 38 North.


You think that’s a comparable trade? Kim returns Americans that he kidnapped, and that’s a good trade? No.
Be honest: If Obama had done the same deal, y’all would be screaming that he caved to a terrorist kidnapping murderous dictator, and made a fool out of himself and the US in the bargain. And you’d be right.