Pay Raises for Trump Administration Executives: Elitism Defined!

At a time when:

  • · Federal employees are being forced to work without pay
  • · Federal contractors no furlough are likely to see no income for the time they were told to stay out of work
  • · President Trump has just cancelled an across-the-board cost of living increase for most federal employees.

The Trump Administration is giving hundreds of its political employees $10,000 raises.

To me this is the essence of elitists in government who have no respect for ordinary working Americans. And can anyone suggest a more tone deaf time to roll this out?


This should go well.

Hooo-weee…talk about tone deaf. I’m sure conservatives will be along any minute to criticize the supremely dumb move.

Hahahahaha please come and defend this. Please.

Here they come… this should be good

Can’t wait for the in depth coverage Fox News will give this.

Smells a little swampy in here.

The govt shut down does not stop govt employees from getting raises. Their raises will be in their back pay. Odd, stretch to get a story, but wapo is fake news, so… Silly in fact…

It’s the Democrats fault in 3…2…1…

So we’re going with outright making ■■■■ up. I like that. Keep it up.

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It’s fake news! in 3…2…nevermind.

Govt employees will get their pay and back pay. If they are due for a raise during the shut down it will be in the back pay check. Not that hard to grasp…

I know you’re you but did you miss the part where Trump has canceled their cost of living raises two years in a row and now his appointees are getting ten grand extra a year?

You’re. Just. Making. Things. Up.

They are holding up the govt for 5 billion dollars. They don’t even think the wall will work, or so they say…

Hey did you see Pence when Trump was negotiating with Pelosi and Schumer? That dude deserves every dollar of that raise.


Americans are not paying for a wall that fat donald promised Mexicans would pay for. Done, end of story.

Incorrect. Trump is holding up the government for 5 billion dollars.

If he wants it so bad, maybe Trump could cut the US a check for it.

Neither is the fact that every… single… time you post on this subject, you’re careful to say “employees”, ignoring the contractors who are SOL.

“Intellectual honesty” - a conservative hallmark since, well… never.


Most Republicans should cheer this. Erase cost of living pay raises for the rank and file while the wealthy political appointees shove an extra $10,000 per year into their pockets. They were never for the Forgotten Man. It’s always about shoveling more money to the top.


Nope, it’s all on trump