Pay-for-play at Mar-A-Lago where customers can send notes to Trump

Well, the POTUS at your service for a fee. Should PAYING Mar-A-Lago customers (Trump’s company, by the way) be able to use the POTUS as their personal courier as was the case here?

Oh, and the note was addressed “Dear King”. WTH?

“Dear King”?!

Welp, I guess they’ve stopped pretending now.

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King Individual One.

The First of His Name.

Long May He Reign.


Long live the king!!

Hey, wait - didn’t we fight a war to get rid of one of those??

Im sure the Trump worshipers will Trumpsplain this one.

#433221 on the list of things Trump projected/accused Hillary of doing

Yeah… I for one am wondering how this whole situation is okay.

King? You have got to be ■■■■■■■ kidding me?

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Someone with some Photoshop skills needs to work up a pic of Trump’s face on the Burger King king. The King wants to have your wall.

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So a good buddy of the President asked him for a favor and the problem is??? :confused:

Here you go


The sad thing is this doesn’t surprise me.

Donald John of the House Trump, First of His Name, the Tanned, Grabber of ■■■■■■■ and Fame, Bearer of the Great Silver Spoon, Breaker of Contracts, and Father of Bastards.


Impeach 45! Y’all are going to have to choose something. You can’t impeach him for 4,000 perceived offenses. Is this the one you’re taking your stand with?

Naw… gonna kick Trump and his ilk out of the WH in short time.

How about the pay-for-play in the OP?

I see no pay-for-play???

We are talking about people who have access to the President because they are members of his resort chiming in on policy that would possibly use VA funds to enrich themselves.

It is actually an ongoing concern.


“A good buddy”… lmao… This is just a trusted old friend!