Paul Ryan calls Jim Jordan a 'man of integrity,' amid accusations Jordan ignored alleged abuse

I think Ryan is gonna have to change his tune in about a week or two.

When looking for judges of integrity, I generally don’t go to men who sit by in relative silence while his party devolves into a cesspool of liars and trolls led by one of the most monstrous political figures in American history.

Lol poor dumb Paul Ryan. He should just frickin quit now, he’s so ball-free.

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Libs can attempt to smear Jordan but IMO…it isn’t going anywhere. I’m hearing accusations but I’m not seeing distraught victims of this abuse with real stories of abuse…yet? Until we do, this isn’t going anywhere.

Family Values.

^^^^^^^^^^^^ snippets without substance ^^^^^^^^^6

sorry that was complicated.

Boy you are going for the trifecta today.

The party that condones pedophiles and sexual assault.

Also, that claims Christianity as exclusively their own.

Jesus wept.

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You remind me of that Dave Chapelle skit he did about R. Kelly.

He’s hitting the road come November. What does he care?


I noticed that Jordan kind of sounds like Ryan.

We need to know what Gym Jordan knew about the abuse that was occurring on his watch and when he knew it. I am hopeful that those that were abused can file a civil suit against him and get it to a discovery phase. It’s unfortunate that Gymie Jordan can’t get the experience of spending some time in general population prison, which is where he belongs.

Just wants to make sure he can get a good and lucrative lobbying deal.

Drip drip drip.

What you “hear” or “see” is not relevant to the outcome.

Oh…that’s right…I forgot to include your “feelings”.

Hillary enabled tons of abuse… Dems love her.

That didn’t make sense. Try again.