Party Affiliation Was Changed!

I just saw a video of a lady trying to vote early for Republicans near LaFayette (wherever that is). She tried to vote Republican and the votes wouldn’t light up. When she told the election judge, the election judge said, “You have to just vote Democrat.”

The early voter was smarter than that. She said, “Hell no, I’m not voting Democrat.” The election judge checked and said the voter was a registered Democrat. Somehow her party had been changed to Democrat. The commissioner came over and told her to go to the county to get it taken care of to switch her party.

While at the voting booth she heard a mother who had brought her son with her to vote and this mother was experierncing the same thing. How many Republicans ended up voting Democrat? Shouldn’t this whole early voting be disqualified under the circumstances? THAT is the ONLY way they can win.

That’s funny. I registered as a Democrat last year so that I CAN vote in dem primaries.

It would be helpful if you linked to the video.

Do you a link to this?

I’m going to assume this is it.

Is there any way to verify this claim?


From your article, sounds like a user error problem, not an election board/worker problem.

Menard and Clerk of Court Louis Perret both contacted the woman, providing her with her voter registration information that shows she is registered as a Democrat. She originally was registered as a Democrat, switched it to Republican around 2011, then got online and switched her voter registration back to Democrat, they said.

As recently as April, she updated her address and kept her registration as a Democrat, Perret said.

“Her allegations are completely baseless and false,” he added.