Part one: Why is Donald trump obsessed with the 2020 election which he lost?

“Pressure” and “threat” are not the same, and a conspiracy does not require a threat. He tried to convince the GA secretary of state to commit a crime.

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What would be the crime in checking ballots and potentially eliminating invalid votes that had been incorrectly screened?

If he believed invalid ballots had been accepted because they were for “the Man” why would authorities checking for those be a crime?

I expect that had the GA secretary done so, eliminating invalid republican and Democrat ballots, until Trump had enough votes, Dems would not have called for a full audit which would have continued that same trend.

Considering that Trump asked him to “find” the exact number of votes he needed, and considering Trump’s actions in other states, and considering the fact that despite recounts and audits and re-audits that no evidence of significant fraud has been found, your explanation strains credulity.

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Yes it is. You just don’t like it.

The CN audit did not allege fraud. It listed anomalies that if investigated could be the result of fraud, and left it to the state senate to make that determination.

Clearly, Trump believes there was improper vetting of ballots and did not want to burden the AG with running a complete review of every ballot. If an even-handed review of some led to Trump pulling ahead, it would be reasonable to expected that a review of all would put him further ahead. If the Dems disagreed thry could call for a complete audit which I doubt they would have done.

I would see his request to find just enough, as his way of making the task minimally unpalatable and burdensome for the AG to do a fair but serious review of the legal quality of the ballot-vetters’ performances.

I understand why his loyalists see it this way, but an impartial person would have to twist themselves into logical knots to come to the same conclusion. We should let a jury decide.

I don’t think a court could find someone guilty based on statements that are ambiguous and depend on context. A court case may force a closer look at the CN anomalies to see whether Trump’s misgivings about the management of the election had grounds. So that could be a good thing.

That’s where we disagree. I don’t see any ambiguity in those statements. Trump is unfiltered, and he told the SoS exactly how many votes he needed to win.

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When you reply to people, are you insulted? That’s a strange conclusion to arrive at.

As I said, adults use capitals and periods. Kids do not.

You are free to imagine anything you like.

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you brought up “insult” not me. here:

the games you play…

adults also forgo punctuation . cute.

i never questioned that. why would you make such an odd statement?

Trump needs to stop crybaby whining and plan for 2022 and 2024.

It’s still 50/50 chance that gop take back one chamber.

Unless trump decide to blow up gop.

No, just not a supporter of a narcissistic jackass. I liked some of what he wanted to do, but he was in wayyyyy over his head politically. Sorry but he was a bombastic loudmouth ■■■■■■■■ Give me someone with the same ideas, but minus the narcissistic piece.

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its not his job to be polite, esp in the face of everyone else in govt and media who are just as bad, have always been, if not much worse while no one ever seemed to mind.

focus on results. not demeanor.

Wow! You are really confused. Let me help you understand who brought up “insult” first since you seem to have missed your post that preceded mine.

Hope this helps clear up your muddied thinking here.


i merely asked. you got defensive as if i insulted you and made an issue of it

the games you play…

Oh, I see your problem. You assume. I wasn’t insulted and wondered why you would come to a strange conclusion like that, even by query. Nor was I defensive, just confused and asked for clarification.

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blah blah blah… lol

This is the level of discourse I have come to expect from you whenever I have shown you to be wrong.


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from someone who whines about punctuation.



Again, you are very confused. I’m not whining about your punctuation. I don’t care if you capitalize or not. I don’t care if you use periods or not.

But when you get on your high horse about the word “nope” not being adult enough for you while at the same time not using adult capital letters or periods, I’m going to call out your hypocrisy. Not because I want you to change, but because it is funny.