Parler hacked before it shut down

before parler shut down someone hacked into it and got access to everything ever posted on the site including deleted tweets and private messages…
the hackers send the info to the FBI

i guess a lot of trumpers could be in a would of trouble


Good thing for parlor that all those people agreed to pay all.of parlors court costs and settlements if they end up.getting sued…


Did it?

Didn’t everyone who signed up have to give A LOT of ID? I wonder if that was hacked as well?

Cheering on a crime as usual.


■■■■■■■ Russians!

Vice appears to be the only ones with a story on it so far.

So it’s cool for government to make use of stolen property now? And how do we know it wasn’t really the government who did the illegal hack?


Is that really part of the ToS?

So you cheeer illegal activities now?

Or just ones that you agree with?

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I don’t see a smiley face or any celebratory tone in OP. Maybe you’re not reading it and just complaining.

Notice how Twitter is allowing their platform to be used for illegal activity when it suits the left.

This appears to be the “file dump” mentioned, which turns out to be nothing more than links to Parler, which is no longer online.

Cute fantasy I guess…


I read the thread twice… dodnt see any cheering…

Please quote the cheering so we can see it…

Yeah, I know. :rofl:


Cheer? Are we reading the same OP? Which words express glee and joy?

Winning the election and getting on with life isn’t enough.

What a sad state of affairs. Biden hasn’t even been sworn in yet.


right here

And the posting history of the member.

right here