PARADISE LOST: Venezuelans Struggle to ‘Bury the Dead,’ No Caskets, Using ‘Plastic Bags’ | Sean Hannity

Venezuela’s starving citizens continued their struggle under the brutal socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro this week; with some residents saying it’s become impossible to “bury the dead” as morgues close, casket supplies run dry, and inflation skyrockets.

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This is NOT America’s problem. We are currently engaged in a fight to not become just just like Venezuela. If miss Cortez had her way (or the democrats) “We The People” would live in similar style while they control what we receive at their elite discretion from the perches of their ivory towers paid for on the backs of the working people. They want a socialist dictatorship society with themselves on top of the food chain (exempt fromnthe same rules that apply to you and I). Hence why Hillary is still not behind bars for obvious crimes of multiple magnitudes, and why democrat leaders in general abuse the laws and get away with it daily (in the name of politics). It’s going to take this country becoming a bit more like Venezuela before we the people rise up and remind ALL political leaders that they are public servants and NOT the other way around.