PARADISE LOST: Venezuelans ‘Regret’ Six-Year-Old ‘Gun Ban’ as Country Crumbles

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Venezuela’s starving citizens are second-guessing a six-year-old ‘gun ban’ that effectively disarmed the entire population; saying the move likely paved-the-way for Nicolas Maduro’s brutal crackdown on political opponents.

“Some are expressing words of warning – and resentment – against a six-year-old gun control bill that stripped citizens of their weapons,” writes Fox News.

“Guns would have served as a vital pillar to remaining a free people, or at least able to put up a fight,” said a former English teacher exiled in Ecuador. “The government security forces, at the beginning of this debacle, knew they had no real opposition to their force. Once things were this bad, it was a clear declaration of war against an unarmed population.”

The ban took effect in 2013 when then-President Hugo Chavez enacted the “Control of Arms, Munitions, and Disarmament Law,” legislation that banned the sale of firearms and ammunition to all citizens -except government agencies.

After assuming control of the government following Chavez’ death in 2014, Maduro spent more than $47 million enforcing the ban.

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