PARADISE LOST: Venezuela’s Economy CRUMBLES, $1 Can Purchase 924,602 GALLONS of GASOLINE | Sean Hannity

The Venezuelan economy continued to collapse this week after the failed assassination attempt on socialist President Nicolas Maduro, with the exchange rate reaching levels so bad that just $1 can purchase over 900,000 gallons of gasoline.

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Socialism is so cool!

It’s terrifying, did you see the article were they lined up all kinds of foods and other goods and shown the Venezuela Bolivar behind each item? Like chicken, steak etc… on what it costs to buy the products. The worst was one roll of toilet paper I will provide a pic, by the look of the pic it would be cheaper to use the Bolivar to wipe than the toilet paper.

It’s sad in the most malevolent way. People should resist this stuff in every way possible. Capitalism is far from perfect but who would want to take a chance and see their society slide down the socialist gutter.

I’ll take 900,000 gallons of gasoline, please.