PARADISE LOST: Hawaii BANS MOST SUNSCREENS to ‘Protect’ Coral Reefs | Sean Hannity

Hawaii became the first state in the nation Friday to ban most sunscreens in an effort to help protest the region’s dying coral reefs; outlawing two popular chemicals believed to be harmful to marine life.

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Good for Hawaii.

So just imagine what the chemicals in sunscreen are doing to our bodies.

Good for Hawii exercising States Rights in their exercise to protect the ocean environment they are both stewards of and benefactors of!

Woo Hoo!

Yes, it’s true that many sunscreens contain these chemicals, but there are loads of alternatives. Scuba divers have been using reef-safe sunscreens for years. The only reason they haven’t caught on in the mainstream community is because the most popular chemicals are so widespread and cheap to make. Now that the bad stuff is banned, it’s likely that the reef-safe stuff will be more widely available in stores. So everyone wins. Why the manufactured outrage?


It’s what they do best.

Good for Hawaii! There are dozens (at least) of widely available sunscreens that are “reef safe”, and are readily available for purchase in HI & throughout the world. Hopefully more states & nations will catch on to this important initiative.

I’m not sure I get the headline. Are you saying paradise is lost because it’s too late to save the coral reefs?

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Either that or the OP is implying that HI won’t be as great now. I doubt paying a few dollars more for sunscreen is going to affect that, but losing the reefs certainly would.

if I can’t slather myself in Chinese sunblock from the dollar store in Hawaii then it is no longer paradise. Just another fifth column hellhole of #tyranny. Sad.

You can have my SPF 150 when you pry the bottle from my hot dead hands.

Uh protect our bodies from deadly and common skin cancer?

oxybenzone and octinoxate are just the cheap oil emulsifiers. Use a better coagulant SPF active ingredient is usually a metal dioxide of some sort. Thats not banned. Cheap emulsifiers also clog your pores not allowing your skin to sweat and that’s why you get a heat rash.