Our favorite president, Orange Man Raging, in a Sunday nightmare

Sunday night. People are still trying to find safety in the aftermath of a hurricane, trade wars hurting consumers and producers, farmers committing suicide.

Orange Man Raging is going after private citizens and having meltdowns about past legislation, referring to himself in the third person, (what???lol) angry he doesn’t get enough worship of Your Favorite President.

Lol total Nutbag.

Thanks Republicans.

The entertainment is… spectacular.



He even brings in Lester Holt…:joy:

Dude is losing all his marbles.

Orange Man Mad.


Why does he talk about himself in third person. ■■■■■■■ wierd.

The only surprise is that he didn’t call Chrissy Teigen “nasty” like he does every other woman who dares to show anything other than complete fealty to him.

The President of The United States going after private US citizens like a petulant child.

We’re so ■■■■■■■

Because “your favorite president” is losing his marbles.

Obviously, a comedian will be in charge of his “Presidential Library”, because this stuff is so stupid, yet hilarious.


Oh well, we can kick some sand over the embarrassment with some “Orange Man Bad” memes.

Maybe that’ll make America Great Again.

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Just praise him to spare us the tweets, is that so hard?


Toss in some :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: , a few :rofl::rofl::rofl: , and an accusation of histrionics for good measure.

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TalibanTrump angry.

Lester Holt not recognize Peace Talks.

Celebrity Someone.

Celebrity Someone Wife.

Celebrity Apprentice President angry.

Refer to himself Third Person.

Today’s GOP folks! :rofl:

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Saw this article this weekend. Not the first I’ve seen on the subject. I think Americans should be worried about the fact this guy has the nuclear suitcase. I know I am. He’s freaking nuts.

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Problem is, he himself is bitter and raging. Ever watch video of him? Look at his pupils, creepy little pinpricks, unlike anyone else in the room.

He’s on drugs or has brain damage. It’s getting worse.

Is this our daily tds thread? Word of advice to the liberals on this forum, if you don’t care what Trump does you won’t need to talk about it.

Three years of repeating “Russia-Trump collusion” without any substance didn’t work. He’s still winning. Three years of repeating “Trump is a racist/white supremacist” hasn’t worked. He’s still winning. Now in desperation it’s crazies repeating “Trump is mad/crazy/unstable” until 2020 elections. That won’t work either. The “very stable genius” will keep on winning against the manifestly unstable globalist dupes and their puppet-masters. Come back to reality, people.

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Mick Jagger is mad too. Trump’s gone and done it now.

Good old Mick Jagger,Trump should listen to his elders!

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Actually considering how the economy is pretty decent, Trump’s approval numbers should be in the mid to high 50s. Instead he’s hovering around 40 percent and his party lost by some of the largest margins ever in a midterm because he acts like a moron every chance he gets. Not what I call winning unless you count his rallies.


You have a bad case of TDS.

Ahhhhhhhhh…so Holt did a show that interviewed prisoners but didn’t give President Trump his credit for the Criminal Reform legislation he got passed. I’ll bet Holt and Legend will remember the next time…not. Here’s another “nothing saga” that happened yesterday, that libs can drool all over themselves about today. :sunglasses:

In a town hall filmed inside New York’s Sing Sing prison that aired Sunday night, “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt dissected the costs of America’s high rates of incarceration. Joined by singer John Legend, Holt asked prisoners about the toll on their families and their ideas for changing the system.

One topic, though, did not come up: The bipartisan criminal justice reform bill signed by President Trump in December. And the White House’s chief media critic noticed.

In a four-tweet flurry sent late on Sunday, Trump lashed out at Holt and “boring musician” Legend — while also swiping at Legend’s “filthy mouthed wife,” model and frequent Trump critic Chrissy Teigen — for not giving him personal credit for his efforts.


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Holt and Legand are a couple of Commie boot lickers anyways, no one gives a hoot about them!