ORRIN UNLEASHED: Sen. Hatch GOES NUCLEAR on Antifa After Cruz Attack

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/orrin-unleashed-sen-hatch-goes-nuclear-on-antifa-after-cruz-attack/

Sen. Orrin Hatch slammed left-wing protesters who forced Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife from a Washington, DC restaurant Monday night; saying the vicious group has officially taken America “over our irony quota for 2018.”

Hatch blasted the Antifa members on social media hours after they posted videos of Cruz being chased from the local eatery; saying “Chasing a Cuban-American Senator you disagree with out of a restaurant while chanting ‘fascists not welcome’ under the banner of ‘smash racism’ might have just taken us over our irony quota for 2018.”

Cruz is the latest prominent Republican to be accosted in public.

The incident comes months after leading Democrats urged their supporters to “confront” senior Trump officials at “restaurants” and “department stores.”