ORRIN UNLEASHED: Sen. Hatch GOES NUCLEAR on Antifa After Cruz Attack | Sean Hannity

Sen. Orrin Hatch slammed left-wing protesters who forced Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife from a Washington, DC restaurant Monday night; saying the vicious group has officially taken America “over our irony quota for 2018.”

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I love it. Over the years, Democrat Senators and Representatives have gone out of their way to vilify any Republican who says something against them, look at what they did to Gingrich, yet they refuse to rein in or censure Maxine Waters when she actively calls for harassment and potential violence against her Republican “foes”.

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I have a disadvantage. I live in a small town in Alabama and doubt that Antifa has a presence here. I wear a TRUMP shirt often trying to get any of their mental midgets to make any sort of aggressive gestures toward me but, have thus far been unsuccessful. What took place to Sen. Cruz and family needs to be repaid in any way possible. I believe that Mad Max Waters had much to do with it.

Antifa? Huh?

So you walk around your town trying to get into fights?

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I got scared just reading the words. Tough guy

He said he wears his Trump shirt waiting for the Puzzies of antifa to confront him. There are alot of us who are waiting for this because we won’t run from them. Moron!

What did they do to Gingrich?

Wow, you sound tough as well bro. Roids or natural?

They made him love America so much he had to cheat on his wife.

The genuinely tough people I have known never felt the need to tell you how hard they are.

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Natural. The only roid around here is you. First name Hem, last name Roid. Try again puzzy.

Wow, that was fantastic. You are something else DustyRoid