Oregon passes first Mandatory rent control on nearly all apartments

This is another reason why Democrats should never hold power.

Oregon’s governor signed the first statewide rent control billin the country.

Among the bill’s provisions is a measure restricting landlords from raising rent more than 7 percent above the Consumer Price Index in a 12-month period. An exception applies to buildings that have been occupied fewer than 15 years.

That’s right, if you own a building, or want to buy one in Oregon that has been occupied longer than 15 years, as the owner, they are restricting your right to charge what the market will bear.

And if that wasn’t bad enough here are other things the bill does:

Restricts when and how a landlord can evict people. It appears during the first year it’s more lenient, but you let someone rent for more than a year – essentially you are screwed and can only evict if they have three vilations of the rental/lease agreement.

Oregon realators summation of what the law includes.

Now say you’ve had a renter for 13 months and you now “illegally” evict them? They automatically must be paid 3 months rent and can ask for actual damages (not sure what they heck those would be).

Even if it’s for certain causes listed in the law – landlord STILL has to pay the tenant one months rent.

Here’s what I see happening:

I see landlords raising all rents the maximum allowed each year.
I see landlords kicking people out before the 1 year time frame for making it expensive to do so
I see older apartments not getting care and maintenence they need and becomeing “slums”

I would hope someone challenges this in court. I don’t see how any court would uphold this as a constitutional.

Here is the actual law if you want to read it (I’ve found most of the provisions listed in the summery, and a few other things not listed)


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Or on the flip side you could do what our president did ans over charge or hike rent up for folks to cover the money he spent on equipment…all the while pay less out of his pocket for the item in order to commit tax fraud…

Lol the market will bear…


Do you agree or disagree that landlord will now increase rents the max allowed by law each year?

Do you agree or disagree that the apartments might not get maintenance and upgrades?

Do you agree or disagree with MANDATOR rent control and telling landlords when they can and can’t evict people?

This thread isn’t about Donald Trump, but what Democrats are doing on a state wide level in Oregon.

Im not making it about him…im just stating what he did and how folks glossed over it…but price caps…EVIL!

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Your avoiding the questons:

Do you think landlord will raise rents by max allowed each year now?
Do you think people will be evicted during the easy 12 month period?
Do you think maintenance and upgrades of apartments will now suffer?

So you are ok with landlords acting in the manner trump did?

Oh im not avoiding…im not playing your game…like the last time i told you

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With the introduction of REITs in the last ten years and the collapse of the housing market, this may be a solution to the problems of Wall Street owning the houses and renting to Main Street.

I don’t know, I am just playing devil’s advocate.

Wow. TDS pops up everywhere.

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So no comments or opinions on what Oregon is doing with forced rent control, and restricting evictions then?

No comments on people who are those type of landlords?

I live here in Oregon. I have seen massive spikes in rent and housing price out young people, marginalized communities and just the folks who used to live here before it got gentrified. I am more than fine with some form of year over year rent increase caps. I’d also love to see way more subsidized housing built.

Portland has something known as an Urban Growth Boundary. It means you can’t easily expand the city into outer areas. This has been meant to save the pristine countryside from development, protect the environment and to avoid turning into another LA or even Seattle. But it also means the price of housing and rent in the city has skyrocketed. Some renters rights are necessary in this environment.

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As a landlord I can say that I prefer when tenants renew their leases after a year rather than having to find new tenants each year. And in consideration for someone renewing the lease, I rarely increase the rent the second year.

Oregon’s new law puts a crimp in that dynamic, for sure. From my perspective it’s a lose-lose regulation.

The new law also eliminates the incentive for tenants to honor the terms of their lease.

What problem were they trying to fix with this in the first place?

Now your the one playing games and trying to go off on a different topic

I’m not playing that game either.

So I ask again, what’s your commentary and comments on the OP

Do you agree with what Oregon has down and why.

Remember they have exempted any building 15 years or newer from the rent control and evictions regulations.

My comment is on topic…landlords who pass on the cost of things to renters in order to commit tax fraud or are just cheap…

I support this law completely.

Yes, cutting supply always leads higher prices. So, this will hurt the poor. Making more democrats because of poor education about economics…

No more so than they already would.

Why wouldn’t they?

I agree completely with manditory rent control and telling landlords when they can or cannot evict people.

Eviction should only occur if the tenant has violated the lease agreement.

How does this “cut supply”?

How does this law “put a crimp” in that dynamic?

If anything, this law is completely in line with what you prefer.

There’s been rent control in nyc like forever, it’s not unconstitutional.