Oregon gun control law

Support it? Don’t support it?

Police and sheriffs are saying there’s no way they can possibly be prepared to implement this law.

Under the measure, anyone applying for a permit to buy a gun must provide proof of specific firearms training, some of which can be done online and other parts through in-person demonstration.

The training requires instruction on state and federal laws related to purchase, ownership, transfer, use and transportation of guns; safe storage of guns including reporting of lost and stolen firearms; how to prevent the abuse or misuse of firearms, including the impact of homicide and suicide on families, communities and the country; and a demonstration that the applicant knows how to lock, load, unload, fire and store a firearm before an instructor certified by a law enforcement agency.

That’s no onerous at all. Liberals are all for the pre-abortion counseling, right?

“OSSA is aware of no course in Oregon that has covered all these specific training requirements,” Myers wrote to the court.

The sheriffs association “does not believe that anyone in the state will be able to certify that they have received training on each of these very specific subjects at this time,” he added.

Some smaller police agencies require their new officers to buy their own guns for use as duty weapons, wrote Campbell, of the chiefs of police association. But new officers won’t be able to buy a handgun without first getting the training and then a permit to make a purchase, Campbell wrote.

“This is likely to cause serious disruption to some of our member agencies whose officers cannot obtain the necessary firearms to perform their police duties,” Campbell wrote. “At this moment, (the Oregon chiefs of police association) believes that there is no way a permit system using municipal police departments as the permitting agents can be operational by December 8th.’’

Hmmm… maybe that’s the intended goal.

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Don’t see how it will survive court review.

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This is part of the reason eastern Oregon wants to join Idaho. While I think it’s a great idea to get proper training when buying a gun I was looking into that law they are wanting to fingerprint anyone who buys a gun that’s fairly harsh.

Ironically I just now aw this on twitter.

Kid asks for a nerf gun for christmas and Santa says “no guns”

And btw . . . when did Santa’s lap end?

Off hand, I say no.

It also seems that if police are required to buy their own guns, they should be waived.

Anything that applies to firearms can also be applied to voting.

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I think it’s a great idea. It should be applied to all of our Constitutional Rights.

With accusations of Santa fondling kids and kids puking and peeing on Santa. It was mutual. :wink:

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Oregon; That person is coughing. Then write a law that if they do, remove their lungs. That’ll fix it.


I can easily see it surviving.

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And just which other right does the state have the authority to impose preconditions on the entire population to exercise that right?

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What would happen if we applied a similar requirement to other constitutional rights?

“You can vote, but only after you pass a course.”
“You can choose your religion, or be an atheist, but only after you pass a course.”
“You can have an abortion, but only after you pass a course”


This was never anything more than a feel-good for stupid people living in Oregon. It will get tossed out, but not before people have been wounded or murdered for the sake of virtue.



I have to believe all of the criminals are going to rush to those courses :rofl:


That libs are constantly attempting to encumber the 2nd Amendment with limits, restrictions, fees and licensing (Government permission) before an individual is allowed to avail themselves of the Right therein, demonstrates how important that Right is. You never see them trying to place the same sort of infringements on the 3rd Amendment.


You were doing good until that third one …

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Well I had to include stuff for both sides (LOL)