Open Letter to Senator Micheal Lee (R-Utah)

Senator Lee,
I see that you have introduced legislation to the Senate to curb a President’s emergency powers.

while I sure you have all the best intentions, the current President will never and I mean NEVER in a 1,000,000 years sign that piece of legislation. Do you really think that President Trump will allow congress to do its job as appropriator of funds?

Its all wishful thinking by you unfortunately.

All the Best

Allan (a realist)

Further, even if he were to sign it, he would then proceed to ignore it. Trump has shown again and again he is not a man of his word.

Further, further still. The GOP in Congress would ignore Trump ignoring the law.

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He doesnt have to sign it. Lee just needs to come up with 67 senators that think like him. Limiting executive powers and national emergency powers are something many conservatives would support. I would.

Basically gives Trump a hall pass for this national emergency.


I dont understand… How so?

Well he has 14 GOP Senators now and McConnell indicated he would sign as well. Add in all the Dems and you’re pretty close.

Its not retroactive to the current national emergency.


Really? I would think it would be.

It is written to basically allow Trump to bypass the Constitution this one time, and then prevent any future President from then declaring the same kind of emergency. It is their stop-gap to prevent a President Beto from declaring a national emergency on climate change, etc. It’s a cowardly, weak, spineless, transparent piece of crap from supposed constitutionalists.

Do they really think Nancy going to fall for that?

She already said she wouldnt bring it to the house floor do its already doa, she knows the gsme they are trying to play.

Sorry to hear that. I would support it for all to include Trump, but not to give Trump a pass and limit the rest. And I do support the wall. I just want to get it the right way.



I am sure you saw that President Trump called Senator Lee and told him to drop the matter. You were right that Trump would never sign on to this.

Apparently Lee was collaborating with Mike Pence on this so either Trump was unaware that this was an initiative involving the Executive Branch or he just contradicted what others in the Executive were doing.

Jut another day for the OOC – the Oval Office Coven