OP-ED: Mainstream Media Has No More of a Right To Be In The White House Than You Do

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/op-ed-mainstream-media-has-no-more-of-a-right-to-be-in-the-white-house-than-you-do/

As the Constitution states, Congress shall make no law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” These 1st Amendment rights are where the main stream media has built their propaganda pedestal of mandatory inclusion in the White House. Misconstruing these rights to fit their narrative, the media has convinced the public that they are the Fourth Estate of government and the watch dogs of those in government. As I will show you, nothing is further from the truth.

On the surface the media’s inclusion in the White House appears to be a compelling argument, especially when people misguidedly buy into the media’s constitutional lie. Media personalities like CNN’s Brian Stelter, often use the phrases “Fourth Estate” and “government watch dog” as facts and truths. For instance Stelter stated “Obama has said the right things about the Fourth Estate and signaled respect for the purpose of the Fourth Estate.” Changing tone, Stelter vigorously criticized President Trump by saying “Donald Trump doesn’t say he respects the Fourth Estate. He very much says the opposite.”

The idea of the Fourth Estate that Stelter refers to has been around since at least the late 1700’s, so it is safe to say the Founding Fathers were probably familiar with the term. Yet even as they carefully and specifically worded the Constitution, there was no mention of a “Fourth Estate” of government or “media watch dogs” anywhere in the founding documents. Instead, the Founders chose to focus on the rights and powers of the people. Sorry Stelter.

“The press” is a phrase that has been around since the 1300’s that refers to the printing press. In the 1st Amendment, “the press” was used to represent mass dissemination of information and the protection of an individual’s ability to share their beliefs or criticisms without fear of retribution. In contrast, the phrase “the media” wasn’t coined until around the 1920’s and refers to the means of media as well as a term for the companies that collect and distribute information.

Although it is clear that modern media businesses are protected by the 1st Amendments rights, no one person or group is granted more freedom or privilege than the next, that includes media’s admittance to the White House.

In the late 1800’s Oscar Wild spoke about the press, saying, “In old days men had the rack. Now they have the press,” the racks Wild referred to were the government’s public racks that were used to restrain people by their head and arms for the purpose of public humiliation (whether they were guilty or innocent.) Today’s modern day main stream media often uses questioning and reporting as proverbial racks in the same manner to humiliate and restrict those who don’t fall in line with their political and/or ideological beliefs. Those tactics resemble tyrannical behavior, which the Founders were against.

Furthermore, the relationship between media and politicians has grown to mimic the same bipolar relationship between celebrities and paparazzi. They both have grown to rely on each other, and they both manipulate reality and the truth. That’s ok for promoting an entertainer but it has no place in government agencies.

So let’s be clear with no uncertain terms, there is no Fourth Branch of government. The only watch dog(s) of those that work in government is the citizenry, who coincidently also make up the inhabitants of the three branches of government.

As I was taught in the military, never point out a problem without offering a solution. So here it is, my groundbreaking solution to life without the D.C. press corps.

  1. Nobody will be allowed inside the White House or any other government agency unless they are on official duty or have been granted official approval, which can be revoked at any time without reason.
  2. Media will be restricted like any other civilian or company as it pertains to inclusion in official government facilities (including official modes of transportation.)
  3. Press corps will no longer be recognized as an official part of government information dissemination.
  4. All government agencies will give press conferences via simple social media video casts where anyone that signs up to watch can ask questions. Companies that work in the field of information collection and dissemination (main stream media) will be given no special treatment, but will be allowed to sign up and ask questions the same as any other civilian.
  5. All media companies and/or citizen using known false information to injure the function of government or national security of the United States could be prosecuted the same way as if they were attempting to overthrow the government.
Bottom line, It is time the media is treated the same as any other citizen or company with respect to the 1st Amendment and inclusion in government facilities. When we use that scale of measurement it is clear media does not belong in the White House!

Op-ed by Jonathan Gilliam. Find out more about the author here or follow him on Twitter.