OOh the republicans have Lisa page really sacred!

Just kidding. She’s laughing at them. She gets subpoena to testify before congress and she simply says nope, ain’t coming. Now they are thinking about charging her with contempt of congress. Oh wow! What threat! Remember what the contempt charge did to Eric Holder? Yeah, So does Page. Nuttin. Who cares? All she has to is take the 5th and walk away like Lois Learner. Hillary has been laundering money under the Clinton foundation. She is the poster child for corruption. And she is sooo scared that she is running for President again. Lorretta Lynch has the meeting with Bill and republicans do nothing but bluster. Seriously. the republicans are spineless and toothless. Page will play them like a fiddle as they all do.


Sacred, scared, same thing.

Remember when Hillary was subpoena to testify before Congress and spent 10 hours schooling Republicans.

You are cheering on a bureaucrat ignoring the elected representatives charged with oversight of the organization for which this woman worked on my dime?

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You are mistaken. I’m not cheering on anybody. If there is something that I put in the OP that is not entirely factual, I would like to know what is. It would be great if the republicans were not such paper tigers. But they are. Why would anyone respect them?

Oh, ok. It sure look like you had your pompoms in full motion for a minute.

Never mind then.

She didn’t school them. She simply lied as she always does and they did nothing. Because they are inept. But in the end, we got to see her cry after her devastating loss to a candidate she was told was impossible to lose to. Priceless! Still gives me goose bumps. So I guess we came out on top in this case. But I did like her better when she was wandering around in the woods. :crazy_face:

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Not a problem. I can see how it could have been taken that way.

And what they don’t want you to know is: Congress has the power to arrest and prosecute. They just won’t do it.

Yep. When they charged Eric Holder with contempt his reply was pretty much, is that all you got? BFD!

She didn’t appear because she hasn’t obtained from the FBI the relavent documents pertaining to her case.

Even Mark Meadows agrees that it looks reasonable.

“Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said he understood that the FBI failed to provide relevant documents to Page that she needed in order to prepare for her deposition. He said he spoke to the FBI directly on Wednesday morning and that officials confirmed a “technical glitch” prevented them from sharing the files. Page, he noted, went to the FBI and waited for three hours to obtain her files, only to be denied.

“If indeed she showed up and waited for three hours at the FBI, shame on them,” Meadows said.”

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What a catastrophe.

remember when Steve Bannon was subpoenaed and he didn’t show up?

I agree one zillion percent.

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While I agree that the GOP are spineless and toothless, I think the hyperbolic reaction to her decision to not appear yesterday is more political theater than anything else. She requested a delay due to there being some sort of technical issue with her reviewing files she needed to review in order to prepare for her testimony. She obviously does not personally posses these documents, as they are property of the government. The FBI confirmed this was the case. And she asked that it be rescheduled once she has time to access these files and prepare.

She will sit before them and answer their questions. Just like Strzok did. And will do again today.

Massive post Mx. 1013555. Conservatives would love the opportunity to grab our feckless clannish clickish lightweight republicans by the scruff of the neck and give them a good shaking.

It hasn’t been tried yet but I’d be willing to bet that any “flyover joe” could do the same. Get a subpoena and tell congress to stick it…AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

Who in their right mind today would comply with a congressional subpoena?!! Why go and get a royal rectal reaming when all you gotta do is say…“Uh uh”…and get away with it?

When congress is unwilling to prosecute…then subpoenas don’t mean a thing. Our “red line” republicans are simps. (Whereas the congressional dems are gang leaders…and highly successful gang leaders at that.)

The best (and only thing rat now) thing the dems have going for them are the republicans…

Correction. From all we hear Struck sat before them and DID NOT answer all their questions. The lady didn’t go through lawyer college for nothing.

Consider who you heard that from.

I disagree. She did school them. Apt description. Means the same thing as lied and got away with it. This leaves conservatives scratching their bald heads. What’s the point? Grrrr on republicans!

Why then are the Democrats and Strzok all requesting that the full transcript of his testimony be released, to prove he did? And Republicans are refusing? If he really did refuse to answer questions as claimed, then the GOP should gladly release the transcript to prove their assertions.

But they won’t. Because someone is not telling you the truth here. One side and the witness are asking for full transparency. One side is keeping everything a secret and telling you what you want to believe. Wonder why?