One thing that fortunately did not pass the House, Rubio's permanent Daylight Saving Time bill

Rubio got his permanent Daylight Saving Time Bill through the Senate pretty much by accident. Staffers did not bother to tell opposing Senators he was going to make the unanimous consent request and when he did, nobody was there to object.

It went to the House and died without any consideration. It will officially die with the sine die adjournment of the 117th Congress at 11:59:59 am on January 3rd.

We did this exact same thing in 1974 and the public hated it so much, it was repealed very fast.

Good riddance to a very bad idea.

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Good Lord, how about permanent Standard time?


I would love permanent standard time.

As a mail carrier that law would’ve been great this time of the year. We’re busy as hell and finishing routes in the dark sucks.

Which ever one, it needs to be permanent. And we need to get on the metric system.


Too many people in this country won’t touch the metric system with a 3.048 meter pole.


It needs to happen. It would be painful for us grown folks. In one generation, it would be like the empire never existed.

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I’ve never understood the resistance to the metric system besides it’s European origin. It’s far easier to use and there is a direct correlation between all measurements (liquids, solids, length, etc).

Why standard and not the other?

We do use the metric system to measure our bullets and drugs. Baby steps.

Americans don’t want to use the metric system because dividing by ten is too hard.

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And at the same time, 2L soda bottles and 1/2 gallons of milk. They just need to bite the bullet and bring uniformity to all measurements.

We’re in good company though, three countries still use the Imperial system – the U.S., Liberia and Myanmar.

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Probably because it was the French. The US approved it for commerce in 1866 and the military has been using it since 1957.

It’s ridiculous.

What ever the time is at now, is stupid. Over an hour of daylight is already wasted by 0620 every morning.

I don’t care whether it’s Standard or Daylight.

I just want Permanent.


People like to think the Metric System is better, but it’s really not, and it would be immediately abandoned following any kind of Younger Dryas or Mount Toba events. :wink:

Of course it’s better. It’s decimal. That’s not even debatable.


It’s very debatable to someone with a vast amount of mathematical experience. lol

Metric is an artificial construct. Imperial is as natural as humans walking the Earth. :wink: