One of many reasons not to want live in a liberal inner city?

Another place I haven’t been to in while and have no desire to go back and visit.

Residents Of 2 Philadelphia Neighborhoods ‘Can’t Get Away’ From ATV, Dirt Bike Noise All Hours Of Day – CBS Philly3gnhmr_ga*Q0ZoZDA3ejhCV1dhTFVfSEFGWmJTYS11TUNER1NTbnJlRjYwRUZLMmdqLWh2bmJSMjhIbjBPSEZORkJvQnQ1eA…

Just another day in lib paradise:

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Chaos and anarchy are what you get when you don’t support law and order.


It’s a downward spiral when the law abiding folks and businesses relocate.

I love going into the woods and imitating a hoot owl early on a spring morning…just as the sun is about to break. It’s a magical time when the owls mate during one 12 hour period and turkeys during the other. In the morning, there’s a changing of the guards. If you can imitate an owl, a male turkey, sitting on his roost, with in a half mile…will gobble loudly, telling the owl to shut up, it’s now his 12 hour period to mate. He can’t help doing this. It’s called a shock call and he’s identified where he’s roosting if you’re hunting.

I love climbing up the sides of small mountains during the winter, when all the leaves are on the ground and the visibility from on top of that mountain is incredible. My dog Clyde loves it too. We do that often during that time of the year and there’s no one around. There’s no sounds of the city either…polluting what you hear…just the wind.

May those who love their city life, always remain to enjoy it and I…I’ll take the road less traveled by. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


From the link:

“According to police data, 169 people have been killed so far this year. That’s 33% higher than this time last year.”

Meh, I live in the city. Certain amount of dirt, grime and noise is not unexpected if that’s where one chooses to live. Of course if it ever rises to an unlivable level, I’m outta here. Can go anywhere now that work is remote.

I like both. City is great but so is nature/wilderness.

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Chaos and anarchy are what Antifa and BLM want. More than a few of the so called “woke” libs as well. :roll_eyes:

I guess i will never figure out why anyone would want that.

While I would say where I live has been the sticks for a very long time, having been urban sprawled by the time we got here, I do and have long lamented what I call the rural fill.

Unlike urban sprawl, rural fill refers to the filling in of spaces between the sprawl, already bypassing them, or seeming to, the final elimination of once besieged rural landscapes.

Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers approve this message…

The first two probably. The third, are you sure?

“Oath Keepers is an American far-right anti-government militia organization composed of current and former military, police”

Kinda sounds like they’d be…

What about that screams anarchy and chaos to you?

You should cite your sources.

“Anti Government”

Was a quick wiki search

Anti-government in general? Seems odd for people who are government.

In news that surprises no one… North Philly sucks.

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When in rural Maine I have to hear the noise of the local outdoor gun range.

It is loud and disturbs my calm.

Yet… I complain to no one about it.

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Ah, an “I like trains.” comment.