One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread (part 1)


Schumer’s comments during the Bush presidency.


Humiliate the GOP? :rofl:

The GOP’s decision to nominate and support, and then to elect and continue to support someone like Donald Trump as the leader of their party shows that the GOP is completely and totally incapable of humiliation or shame.


You aren’t suspicious, you’re out right creating a situation that doesn’t exist because you don’t like the guy in the WH right now. Grow the ■■■■ up and quit trying to find villians and boogymen behind every corner. Sweet Mother Mary of the Baby Jesus, you people are losing it.


I’m well aware of it’s history, and I’m well aware it’s used by White Suprmacists to make people think they’re white suprmacists while using plausible deniability.

Here’s a good thread about what they do with it:

And again, it’s not like this White House isn’t infested with White Suprmacists already - another one got fired for it literally yesterday.

I don’t know if it’s right or not, but it’s far from crazy to think so.


Yes, I’m sure it’s not crazy to think a woman whose mother is Mexican, and has grandparents who survived the Holocaust could be a white supremacist.

Even the Washington Post says that is ridiculous.


It’s their only hope.


He was a guest of Feinstein’s, and she introduced him to the hearing during her opening remarks. It is a little hard to believe Kavanaugh did not know who he is. Unless he was not paying attention, which seems unlikely.

I do agree it seemed like a set-up though. And I would be interested to know what the father said exactly, before Kavanaugh turned around. I cannot imagine someone like Kavanaugh just being a jerk to a grieving father for no good reason. I’d suspect the father, in his grief, said something tactless or even abhorrent to Kavanaugh. Saying he has blood on his hands, or something similar.


You should read more of what Lucy posts. She is an incredibly respectable poster. Even though her and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to many policy positions, she always shows respect and logic in her thoughts and positions. As long as one is doing such in return. :wink:


Agreed. Of course, this is also how I feel in regards to the attacks on Mueller and Rosenstein. Both sides are devolving before our eyes. I weep for the future of this nation.


I say you got nothing, I’m glad you agree.


You are overly kind. Sometimes I’m a jerk. :slight_smile:



Meh…only when it is deserved.


I didn’t know he had been introduced by Feinstein. However, it doesn’t change my opinion. Kavanaugh has a lot on his mind, he has no doubt been preparing for questions, he is center stage. Someone running up behind him in a crowded situation can’t expect a handshake or a conversation. It seems rude.


I don’t disagree at all. Also, the father made clear where he stands on Kavanaugh, which is why I assume whatever was said to him was what resulted in Kavanaugh not shaking his hand and walking away. By all accounts, Kavanaugh is a good man, husband, and father. There is no reason to believe he would be a classless jerk to a grieving father without some really good reason. Which if there was good reason, would mean he was not acting in a classless fashion at all.


As a father he could say sorry for your loss and please excuse me. But this is unfortunate not scandalous.


He could, but again, it would depend on what the father said to him first.


I am going to be honest here. I am sick of the politicization of the courts.

All rulings and legal papers should be looked at but little more than that should be considered.


I could not agree more with you here my friend. Are they qualified? What have their rulings and past legal writings concluded while on the bench? Plain and simple.


I cannot imagine that he did.


No, it doesn’t.