ON THIN ICE: Police Union Warns REMOVING ICE AGENTS from Long Island a ‘Deadly’ Mistake

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/gangland-police-union-warns-removing-ice-agents-from-long-island-a-deadly-mistake/

A police union on Long Island, New York issued a dire warning to local officials this week; saying the government’s recent decision to remove ICE agents from regional prisons could have “deadly” consequences.

“Nassau County Executive Laura Curran is rolling out the red carpet for the brutal MS-13 gang by booting Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from the local jail, police union leaders charged on Tuesday,” writes the NY Post.

“It could be tragic. It could end up in deaths in Nassau County,” said county Police Benevolent Association president James McDermott. “This is a political decision. This is not a decision for public safety. I’m calling on the county executive to reconsider and stop the madness.”

“They deal directly with gang members and they are very good at it,” McDermott added. “ICE is good at getting information from these guys in jails. We are nothing without information.”

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