ON THE BRINK: Paris Suburb Struggles with Over 300,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/on-the-brink-paris-suburb-struggles-with-over-300000-illegal-immigrants/

A popular French suburb on the outskirts of Paris is struggling to cope with the strain of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants; begging the national government for help as countless more settle down each week.

According to the UK’s The Sun, the Parisian neighborhood of Seine-Saint-Denis has taken in over 300,000 immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East in just years; sparking new fears the region could become an “ethnic ghetto” just six miles from the Eiffel Tower.

“There are an estimated 135 different nationalities in Saint-Denis, most extremely poor, including an estimated 600,000 Muslims from North African or sub-Saharan African backgrounds, the Daily Mail reported,” writes the Sun. “The official legal population in Saint-Denis is estimated at 1.5 million.”

The statistics were released in an official report from President Macron’s national government, urging “better regulation” as migrants continue to enter the European Union through Italy, Greece, and other member nations.

“To identify urban phenomena of ghettoisation, to explain educational difficulties, to combat discrimination and to adapt the resources of the police and the judiciary to a specific population, the question of establishing so-called ethnic statistics is raised,” writes the report.

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