OMAR UNLOADS: Rep. SILENCES Reporters, Says ‘Absolutely’ Not Worried About Losing Positions | Sean Hannity

Rep. Ilhan Omar shut-down a group of reporters at the US Capitol this week; saying she was “absolutely” not worried about losing key Committee positions after her anti-Semitic rant on social media.

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Right, why shouldn’t she be treated the same as any other member just because she believes that she has a special privilege because she is a female, Somali muslim?

Omar is UN-American; her religion allows her to swear a false alliegance to a country such as ours, as a way of undermining our democratic republic. Her so-called “apology” for her anti-Jewish statements were just words forced from her by others in order to hide her true beliefs. An “apology” using words–without actions–are just words. Read the Quran–and understand the true objectives of Omar and thise just like her.