Oklahoma Follows the Constitution

Here’s the perfect example for ALL to lay their eyes on of whether or not this opens the door for mass shootings…remembering that 98% of them are committed in gun free zones.

If the Democrats get involved they can just overthrow the rights of another
state law, just like gay marriage was overthrown by Obama and the Democrats
with Obama signing an “Executive Order” on a Federal level.

About time. Alaska’s Constitution has had this provision since statehood with the redundant phrase “shall not be denied” as well as shall not be infringed.

That won’t go over well.

The amazing thing “is” is that the Iowa thing is necessary because hoplophobes have managed to convince lawyers in robes that words don’t mean what they mean.

I like it.

If Iowa goes CC you can bet many more states will soon follow and the left will come completely unhinged. Wild West, Gunfights in the Streets, Every town will be Dodge City… yada, yada… .


Do Dem Politicians still hardly ever normally follow the Constitution any more?

Neither do the republicans.

Well, just look around the country, that’s what we have.

Let me guess…The answer is…more people with guns…do I win. :confetti_ball:

Didn’t Dodge City have some pretty strict gun regs?

No, not more people with guns. For example I would never recommend you carry a gun.

How about we just follow the Constitution? Wouldn’t that be something?

They tried.

Yeah, and like Chicago, they had a lot of murders.

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Yeah, I read the big year was in the 1870s when they had 5.

The population was 10.