OK, there's stupid and there's......?!

Can we all agree that this is beyond stupid?

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I wonder why this is happening in Alabama?

Just can’t help it, can you?


do you wonder why it happens in other states too?

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They got slapped back pretty hard, didn’t they?

not as stupid as looting leftist mobs

wheres your thread on how stupid that is?

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Do you have anything to say about the topic in the OP, or just making it about me?


Care to comment on the OP?

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Living in GA, which is next door to Alabama, I don’t have to wonder - lol

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Tide pod eaters. How much comment are you looking for on stupidity?

I agree with @AZslim

Ladies first.

I agree also. That is all, thank you.

These are the same kids that ate Tide Pods.

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Hey, when you’re young, dumb, and full of… energy you think you’re invincible.


Vigilantes with cellphone jammers could do a lot to cut down on this type of behavior.

Just sayin’.

An extreme example of a larger nationwide trend. Some people are not only not concerned about the risks they are taking that endanger themselves and others, they are in open defiance about it.

And if one of these fools gets infected and passes it along to a relative who is immuno-compromised? That’s a hell of a thing to have on your conscience later.

if you eat Tide pods, do you go in and out with the moon?

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No but your innards smell like a spring meadow.


Pox Parties.


thats not about you. thats about what you think about the topic