Ok social justice warriors. Lets see if you have a sense of humor

You know who you are. This Bud’s for you. The future of the NFL. Brought to you by the woke crowd. Feel free to scroll up to the 1:40 mark. That’s where the fun begins.



It’s funny that they had no idea what Red Tails is referencing.

“What is that, a bird?” :rofl:

Yep, they are funny but not particularly well educated. I actually love the name. It’s pretty bad assed.

Their insignia could be a P-51.

I like Red Tails and even Red Wolves. The latter is kind of cool particularly because currently there are no NFL teams using the wolf as a mascot. Red Tails doesn’t technically reference a bird but close enough, and there are more than enough bird mascots at present.

Now, they try calling themselves the Black Wolves? I want royalties.



Somebody mentioned “The Code talkers.” I Iike it, being named for Marines. But it’s a little too awkward sounding.

My favorite is still Red Tails. It’s patriotic and honors a warrior spirit. Which is probably why it will be rejected. :worried:

Well that’s pretty lame, and not because of the target, but because it’s just not that funny.

See below for improved content:

“Oh, big hit by Williams! That’ll be 15 yards for a flagrant head sh… oh wait just a moment… no, that was Flanagan who just got the life shortening concussion, not Jackson, it was Flanagan - so the Snowflakes will actually get 2 extra points, and Williams is looking at a likely Denny nomination this week, named of course for Reginald Denny, who definitely had it coming. Let’s see that hit again in slow motion, aaaaand yep, right there, you can see the guilt on Flanagan’s face…or is it CTE. Either way, he just got an institutionalized BEAT DOWN”

The key to comedy is to not be so on-the-nose with it. In the bit, they just refer to different well known tropes directly, without any nuance or elegance. It’s like those terrible parody movies that were around in the aughts that just referenced pop culture, and we were supposed to think it was brilliant satire.

Anybody can do that. In the above, note the more subtle way blacks and whites are referenced. I don’t need to say the thing I’m making fun of directly, which for an audience over the age of 12, isn’t necessary. I fit in NFL specific content, and extend the initial hit into 5 separate comic moments.

BUT despite the lazy writing here, the station in Orlando gets a lifetime pass from me for the Mr. Burgess prank call bits from a decade ago.

Democrat **** suckers
Jerry Curl

So much great content - thanks for reminding me this existed - it brightened my day.

If I were a team owner in this social climate I would stick to animals, forces of nature (e.g. hurricanes, thunder) or abstract concepts (e.g. Crimson Tide, Browns). Too much sponsor money at stake to risk anything remotely political.

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That was hilarious! :rofl:

I went through a branding thing with a spin-off doing business in 150 countries last year.

Naming something is such a pain.

Our preferred name was totally fine in 79 of 80 required languages but was apparently a flatulence synonym in #80…was back to the drawing board…

Reminds me of high school cross country meets when a coach would start talking about “fartleks” and we’d all titter like…well…high schoolers.

Look here you fartlickers! It’s fartlek time! 5 fartleks, now! You’d better bend over and touch those lines!

Yes, Coach Stankey!


Were we on the same cross country team?

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I thought it was great! I’m guessing their listeners did to. To be funny, it helps for a sketch has to have a little basis in reality. This certainly does. Making fun of the woke crowd is always good for a laugh. :grin:


And I’m surprised anyone is considering something even remotely related to the military.

That’ll be one of the next SJW targets.

Word on the street is that they have decided to go mascot free like some lame assed European soccer club. :face_vomiting:

Well, they could just pick a color, like Stanford did.

I recommend puce.

Yeah. They missed an real opportunity. The Red Tails would have been a great name. But being woke means that somebody got their feelings hurt. So lets not have any name. :sob: