Ok so what the heck happened today?


No, it was on an iPad using Safari. It’s much better today … the pop up video is gone and the text entry and editing seem to be working, but sometimes it takes many seconds to load a quote when I click on the balloon icon in the text box. It took over half a minute to load the quote from you in this post, for example. Sometimes there is a significant lag when posting too.


I was getting some of the same with the ad running, but now that it’s gone, I haven’t seen any other issues. I would try the clear cache thing if you’re experiencing lag in the site. Something I haven’t gotten since the refresh except occasionally on weekends when admin is loading updates.


The lag was specific to the examples I gave, not for the site in general. However, that issue has gone away now as well. For the moment, at last, things appear to back to normal.


I was getting that as well along with long periods of time where the site was stuck in “read only mode”.


Yes. And for a while I lost the ability to edit even by wiki.